Galimoto Boy

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in Kenya.

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In Africa, homemade galimotos are fashioned by children out of anything from sticks to cornstalks, and can be vehicles of any sort. This ingeniously crafted “galimoto” push-toy bicycle rider is created from shaped wire wrapped around fabric by artisans of the Chuma Wires workshop based in the Dandora area of Nairobi, Kenya. Chuma Wires provides valuable work for artisans who have little or no other opportunities for employment in this marginal section of Kenya’s sprawling capital.

  • Wire and cloth
  • 24H inches (including handle)
  • Made in Kenya

UPC: 732919203349

SKU: 4102210

  • The Makers
    OTICART International Limited

    OTICART International LimitedOTIC, a privately held export and marketing company, seeks to help local artisans connect with export markets. OTIC provides export, packaging and quality control support for a number of small workshops in and around Nairobi. Read more.

  • Reviews (9).....
    • fantastic toy
      . . . . .

      My 2.5 year old loves this. She asks to go on walks so she can push it along, and then she runs instead of walks. It makes getting to the playground so much faster. Big hit! ...

    • Wonderful meaningful fun
      . . . . .

      I bought this little guy for my son when he was 2...he's 7 now and we love him. It's great bringing him up every one in a while and sharing where he came from. My son loves when we have handmade things from all over the world. Great gift for any little one! And since he's made of metal if he warps i...

    • Simple, Wonderful Toy
      . . . . .

      I am a kindergarten/first grade volunteer at our school and use the Galimoto story and the Galimotos as the year end activity. I read the story (depending on the grade I edit for their attention level) and then we play with the Galimotos. I now have 16 so some kids have to double up. I also have s...