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Golden Palm Garland Gold

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  • Description

    Makers use a special weaving technique to create a stretchy garland from natural palm leaves. Dyed maroon with metallic gold accents, this garland is a fun decoration for the holidays.

  • Product Details +
    • Palm leaf
    • 20 ft
    • Handcrafted in India

    UPC: 732919487916

    SKU: 6847180

  • The Makers
    Poocharam Federation

    Poocharam FederationPoocharam Federation is a community-based organization in Vellore, India, committed to artisan development. Poocharam Federation is focused on empowering women, and seeks to rectify gender inequality by giving women financial power within their own families. Artisans produce a variety of woven fiber products, using palm leaf, sisal, banana bark and coconut leaf. Read more.


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