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Salt Crystal Lamp

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  • Description

    These salt crystal lamps are carefully shaped to retain the unique, natural shape and crystal structure of the salt rock. Each lamp is unique. Colors and shapes vary from deep orange to pale pink. The salt crystal used for this product comes from Pakistan’s Punjab province. Salt has been mined there since 320 B.C. Many benefits are ascribed to salt crystal lamps, due to the release of negative ions when heated.

  • Product Details +
    • Salt crystal, shesham wood base
    • Assorted shapes
    • 4Dx8H inches
    • Made in Pakistan

    UPC: 732919445718

    SKU: 7402190

  • The Makers
    Dominion Traders

    Dominion TradersDominion Traders works with underprivileged artisans who make stone and shesham wood crafts in the city of Karachi. Read more.

Reviews (5)

  • stunning

    . . . . .

    This lamp is beautiful. The hues create a soft warm glow. Also, it emits negative ions to balance the positive (stressful) ions in the room to create a balance of energy. Win win!!!

  • All of the above

    . . . . .

    The other reviewers are all correct, this lamp is great. I have it next to my chair in the living room. The lamp is so attractive and soothing.

  • warm and lovely

    . . . . .

    With my birthday discount, I treated myself to one of these. Everything about it speaks of quality: the way it was packaged, its weight, its beautiful golden peachy color. It emits the most gorgeous glow but remains cool to the touch. Has a handy on/off dial control. Helps to create an oasis of calm in my office, even when swirling deadlines have me in the eye of the storm.

  • Stunning

    . . . . .

    I've seen these in the Ten Thousand Villages store so when I received my birthday club coupon I decided to splurge and get one. It's stunning in my office. The coloring is even and spans from tip to bottom. I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much!

  • Warm and Soothing

    . . . . .

    Love this lamp! I have two of them. It's just enough light to see in the room but not to keep you awake - one stays on in the bathroom overnight so we never have to turn on the bright lights, which can be so annoying when you're sleepy! The soft glow is romantic and calming. Strongly recommended!

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