Magic Forest Necklace

  • Description

    Celebrate the magic of the forest with tagua nut necklace. Tagua slice is dyed and laser engraved with a stylized tree. Also known as “vegetable ivory,” tagua is produced by a palm-like tree in South America. The nuts fall to the ground when mature, thus harvesting does not damage the trees. With close, hard grain, tagua nut resembles fine ivory.Cultural tradition and forest preservation combine in the use of this renewable resource.

  • Details
    • Engraved tagua nut, cotton
    • Adjustable cord
    • Made in Colombia

    UPC: 732919467918

    SKU: 6301290

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  • The Makers

    SapiaSapia works to develop the artisan-based handicraft sector in Colombia, reaching out to other artisan groups in rural areas of the country. Read more.

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  • Love it

    . . . . .

    I love the idea of wearing a slice of nut on a necklace! It looks just like it does on the screen, the green is very vivid and the engraving clear and smudge free. Very leightweight.

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