Ornament Themes for Your Ethical Christmas Tree

A freshly-cut tree is like a blank canvas. There’s so much creative potential it’s almost overwhelming! Fear not. Here are our top 5 ornament themes for your tree.

Kicking it old school

Ethical Ornament Themes | Fair Trade Holiday

If you’re looking for a traditional feel, stick to reds and golds. Instead of tinsel, consider wrapping your tree in the handcrafted Golden Palm Garland. It’s easier to clean up and safer for pets and small children! Keep things elegant with globe- and bell-shaped ornaments and top it all off with a stunning Sinamay Angel Tree Topper.

Sinamay Tree Topper Angel | Ethical Ornaments

By sticking to the classics, you never have to worry that your ornaments will go out of style.

Kid friendly

Ethical Ornament Themes | Fair Trade Holiday

Christmas is always fun when you’ve got kids! Decorating the tree together will be especially exciting with ornaments made with little ones in mind. Fabric ornaments like the Fleece Navidad Sheep Ornament and the Mane Attraction Lion Ornament are safer for toddlers than plastic and glass pieces, so be sure to hang these on the lower rungs.

Fleece Navidad Sheep Ornament | Fair Trade Holiday

Whimsical pieces like the Seed Pod Flamingo Ornament and the Safari Can-imal Elephant Ornament are guaranteed to delight and spark those wonderfully over-active imaginations!

Homey for the holidays

Ethical Ornament Themes | Fair Trade Holiday

Looking for a lighthearted and homey Christmas tree? Let the coir Running Dog Ornament dash through the snow and into your home. Or keep things warm and fuzzy with the felt yeti family of ornaments.

Ethical Ornaments | Baby Yeti

Ever wonder how a yeti is made? Check out this video and see how each yeti is handcrafted by the talented artisans of the Association of Craft Producers in Nepal. This collection of down-to-earth ornaments will help you remember take it easy this holiday season.

Blue Christmas

Ethical Ornament Themes | Fair Trade Holiday

And by blue, we mean classy! The cool tones on this tree are a perfect match for the snow-filled landscape outside your window.

Ethical Ornaments | Blessed Wings Angel

Craftsmanship is key in this collection of ornaments featuring skillfully made pieces such as the Filigree Hamsa Ornament and the capiz Blessed Wings Ornament.

Traveler’s Tree

Ethical Christmas Tree Ornaments | Fair Trade Holiday

Perhaps being home for the holidays feels extra special to you this year because you have been away for so much of it!

Ethical Ornaments | Gourd Ornament

Commemorate your year of travel with the hand-painted Up, Up, and Away Gourd Ornament. Or find an ornament that was handcrafted somewhere you’ve visited. We’ve got over 130 ornaments from 18 countries after all!

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