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Mujibha Exports

Mujibha Exports, a privately held company, was founded in 1994 by Robert Barclay Stewart and his mother, Anthea Doreen Stewart, to provide a connection to family, country and the artistic culture that is Zimbabwe, Robbie’s home country. Mujibha Exports currently employs nine staff in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city and works with over 100 artisans from three main groups. More than half of Zimbabwe’s population is unemployed or underemployed, so the goal of the group is to provide full-time work to as many as possible. Mujibha Exports provides logistical and managerial support to producers. Whenever possible, the organization assists artisans by assuming functions that increase production efficiency, collecting completed orders from stone artisans and managing raw material supply for wood and metal artisans, for example. Additionally, Mujibha provides loans to producers to assist them in obtaining the capital needed to produce an order.

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