Our Values: Putting Artisans First

Fair trade provides under- and unemployed artisans with an opportunity to earn vital income and improve their quality of life by establishing a sustainable market for their handcrafted products. Ten Thousand Villages is a founding member of the WFTO - the World Fair Trade Organization, a global network of more than 350 fair trade organizations in 70 countries.

Fair Trade Principles

Cash Advances and Prompt Final Payments
Artisans receive up to 50 percent in cash advances when an order is placed, and payment in full when an order is shipped.

A Fair Price
Artisans and Ten Thousand Villages agree on a fair price that covers the cost of labor and materials and enables artisans to earn fair compensation for their work.

Long-Term Relationships
Artisans can plan for the future with consistent orders from year to year.

Design Collaboration
Our designers and buyers work with artisans to build on their traditional skills with trend and color information and new product suggestions.

Environmental Responsibility
We encourage our staff and artisan partners to employ sustainable practices and to use recycled and natural materials when possible.