Tranquil Waters Fountain


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  • Description

    Bubbling waters bring a tranquil presence to patio or garden. Blue ceramic scalloped fountain fits even a modest space.

  • Product Details +
    • Ceramic
    • Pump included
    • 13Dx11H inches
    • Made in Vietnam

    UPC: 732919465679

    SKU: 5407480

  • The Makers
    Viet Lam Co., Ltd.

    Viet Lam Co., Ltd.Viet Lam Company is a private export company that markets ceramics and lacquerware along with bamboo, palm leaf and rattan baskets. Read more.

Reviews (4)

  • Disappointed

    . . . . .

    I bought this for my back porch and there were no directions for set up. It also chipped and broke apart during the first season. It was beautiful though.

  • Setting up the fountain

    . . . . .

    I have to applaud both Ten Thousand Villages' customer service as well as the quality of this fountain. I purchased it some time ago but was moving at the time and the box was misplaced. I thought it had been left behind or otherwise lost but was elated to find it hidden in my husband's office with his boxes. I opened it up, eager to set it up, but the actual pump had been left out. I contacted customer service hoping to be able to purchase a replacement pump but they provided me one at no cost--I was able to show my original e-receipt proving that I had purchased it. Incredible, friendly, prompt customer service!

    The pump instructions (no reflection on TTV) are abysmal. Here's how you do it. The PVC tubing fits *very* snugly through the holes in the middle and upper sections. You may need to thread it through several times to help the tubing soften enough to pass through without too much effort. Insert the tubing *from the top* through the top section, then through the hole in the middle section. The pump unit sits under the middle section, with its electrical cord exiting through the cut notch at the bottom edge of the middle section. Gently adjust until the pump's bottom sucker "feet" are level with the bottom edge of the middle section--you should push it up carefully, so that the tubing slides up through the holes until this is possible. You can then set the middle and top sections on the bottom section. Fill the bottom section almost completely with water, until the water level reaches the part of the middle section where it widens out from its cylindrical base. Plug in the fountain.

    You may find that the fountain starts splashing outside of its bowl. I trimmed down the PVC pipe about a half a centimeter (maybe a touch more) and it stopped splashing out. If you hear the pump running loudly, chances are you have too little water in the fountain. Add some more.

    Love the fountain, love the sound, and am so pleased with the customer service reps that helped it all happen!

  • For the birds

    . . . . .

    I've had this fountain for its 3rd season on my deck. I love the color blue and the birds seem to appreciate it too. I am sure to keep it filled and cleaned in warmer weather. Be certain to store it dry in a seasonably friendly (basement) if you plan to use it outdoors in the summer. (I made the mistake of storing it in our shed and the paint began to chip off due to the extreme temps) We put a timer on the outlet so that the water starts and stops on its own. Enjoy the bubbling water wherever you place it!

  • Beautiful Fountain for a Great Price

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    This fountain is so beautiful. I have been looking for a tabletop one for years but mostly just found cheap plastic ones, so I was excited to find this in my local store. The only downside was that there were no directions on how to set it up. The pump info had precautions and had a picture of how you would have it for an aquarium, but nothing in either box on how to set this up. I figured it out after I realized I didn't notice there was a tube in the pump box. So, if you're thinking of sending this as a gift for someone who may get confused or can't figure it out, I suggest buying one with directions though it's sooo pretty.

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