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PEKERTI Nusantara PT

Pekerti stands for Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia, meaning Indonesian People’s Handicraft Foundation. Pekerti Foundation works to supplement the incomes of subsistence farmers and rural people through development and sale of traditional crafts. Pekerti provides training in domestic marketing, and services for export marketing. For this purpose, Pekerti established a nonprofit trading company, Pekerti Nusantara. Pekerti Nusantara is closely linked with all Indonesian alternative trade organizations and helps disadvantaged rural artisans to upgrade their production, business and marketing skills. To accomplish its goals, Pekerti Nusantara stresses quality control, training and working together cooperatively. In addition, Pekerti assists artisans by offering loans, school scholarships, help with medical expenses and emergency aid in disasters. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from Pekerti Nusantara since 1981.

  • Instrument Makers Preserve Javanese Musical Tradition

    The Indonesian artisan group Pekerti works with bamboo musical instrument makers near Bandung, a mountainous area in Central Java. The instruments are part of the Javanese Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian orchestra consisting of different instrumental groups.

    In addition to making instruments, every artisan is also a musician. By working with this group of artisans Pekerti helps both to preserve the traditional art of instrument making in addition to continuing the musical traditions from the Central Java region.

    Artisans create each of their instruments with local materials. They begin by harvesting bamboo from the mountainous area surrounding their homes. Then they cut and polish each bamboo stalk and finely tune them by carving holes into the bamboo and applyinga tree sap resin. The instruments are then embellished with decorations. Artisans create their own tools for this aspect of the process with recycled steel that is collected from broken automobile parts. These tools are heated over a charcoal fire and used to brand the bamboo instruments with intricate designs.

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