Print Instructions

These instructions are for the latest versions of these browsers in Windows 7 and above. Older browsers in older operating systems may require slightly different margin settings to keep the gift information card centered. Old printers may also have trouble rendering the gift information card in some browsers. If you have difficulty, please try printing from a different browser.
Internet Explorer: Select File-> "Print Preview". Make sure you are set to "one page view." In the "Print Size" dropdown, select "85%." In the print options menu (looks like a gear), make sure your margins are set to .166 (the minimum). Left and Right margins can be set up to .25. All headers and footers should be set to "empty."
Firefox: Select File-> "Print Preview," and make sure you are printing in "Portrait" mode. In the "Scale" dropdown, select "Shrink to Fit." Then, select "Page Setup." Click the "Margin & Header/Footer." Set all margins to "0" and Headers and Footers to "empty."
Chrome: Press ctrl-P or in the "customize and control Google Chrome" menu at the top right (looks like three lines), select "print." In the print window that comes up, make sure "Layout" is set to "Portrait," and "Margins" are set to "None."