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Recycled Paper Coasters

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  • Description

    These unique coasters are made from recycled materials! Handmade by the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City, Philippines with an innovative process that turns old newspapers into new products by wrapping the paper into coils and forming them into spiraled square building blocks. These blocks are joined with thread and/or glue and starched. Product has been tested and should stand up to heat and moisture that comes with average use.

  • Product Details +
    • Four coasters with container
    • Recycled newspaper
    • 3 inches square
    • Made in Philippines

    UPC: 732919295580

    SKU: 7904060

  • The Makers
    Highland Women’s Multipurpose Co-op

    Highland Women’s Multipurpose Co-opHighland Women’s Multipurpose Co-op helps women artisans work together in groups, obtain government help in skills training, buy raw materials, gain access to low interest loans and obtain titles to their land. Read more.

Reviews (2)

  • Terrible

    . . . . .

    So expensive and very fragile and cheap. The story is irrelevant because if people want to take land by force they will . No army is on the ground to make sure these people get what they are promised.

  • Recommended

    . . . . .

    Strong, light weight, tightly woven, these coasters are impressive. The craftsmanship astounds me. Made out of recycled paper, these are a good little anytime present for friends & family with nice wood furniture.

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