Rolling Waves Earrings


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  • Description

    Layers of bright blue are wound around an alpaca metal frame to create a mesmerizing effect that could be compared to gazing out on rolling waves.

  • Details
    • String, alpaca
    • 2.5L inches
    • Handcrafted in Peru

    UPC: 732919485103

    SKU: 6115980

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  • The Makers
    Intercrafts Peru

    Intercrafts PeruIntercrafts Peru is a nonprofit civic association promoting export sales of Peruvian handicrafts. A democratic cooperative of artisan groups, Intercrafts Peru allows artisans full participation in organizational decisions. The group’s aim is to keep overhead costs low, to share responsibility so more income remains in the hands of the artisans, and to explore new markets. Read more.


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