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Showers of Flowers Garland

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  • Description

    Celebrate with bright flower garlands in white and green. This charming handcrafted garland is made from embossed paper flowers and dyed date palm leaves. From the Bangladeshi artisans of Prokritee.

  • Product Details +
    • Embossed paper, date palm
    • 116Lx2.5D inches
    • Made in Bangladesh

    UPC: 732919446333

    SKU: 6604760

  • The Makers

    ProkriteeProkritee (meaning “nature” in Bengali) is an agency that provides managerial, product design and development, and marketing assistance to handicraft organizations in Bangladesh. Prokritee manages several handicraft enterprises and helps other groups sell their products in local and foreign markets. Read more.

Reviews (3)

  • love it

    . . . . .

    I'm very happy with this purchase and have also received compliments from friends and family

  • I Love It!

    . . . . .

    This may be a little pricy but think of all the work that went into it! Yes, it is paper, and quite amazing! I have the garland hanging over my windows. No issues with stiffness... except the paper flower, but isn't that expected?

  • Not so good

    . . . . .

    This garland looked nice online, but it is really stiff and probably won't lay nice where I want to hag it.

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