Unity Sculpture

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in Kenya.

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In this Kenyan wedding sculpture, the smaller loop symbolizes the bride. It is placed under the large loop (the groom) because the husband will be her hunter and protector for the rest of their lives. The two loops stand for the two individuals that have become joined through marriage but are still two individual people.

Give this sculpture to family or close friends as a wedding gift. Keep custom and enclose your own note with this traditional blessing: “May your union last as long as the stone from which this sculpture is carved.”

  • Kisii stone
  • Color may vary
  • 6H inches
  • Made in Kenya

UPC: 732919231007

SKU: 4130180

  • The Makers
    Kisac Fair Trade Ltd.

    Kisac Fair Trade Ltd.Throughout its existence, Kisac has generated income for its members, artisans and employees. Kisac has also provided support to orphans and widows, and has spearheaded a community water project in Kisii. Read more.

  • Reviews (8).....
    • So Glad I Found This!!
      . . . . .

      I have had this sculpture for years, and it just fell on accident and shattered into many pieces (may have been okay on carpet, but I have concrete floors). I was shattered myself. I have loved this sculpture so very much, and prayed that I would be able to find it again. $24 dollars later, and all ...

    • Lovely!
      . . . . .

      I received one as a wedding gift and I love it. Subtle design with a meaningful message. I have now given it as a gift to two other couples as a wedding gift!...

    • Unity sculpture
      . . . . .

      I purchased two of these for wedding gifts, online, one had an unusal area in it, that made it look like it had been repaired. I took it back to location, they easily exchanged it. I will only purchase at the store from now on, as I had to make the trip anyway....