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Warm Heart Hand Warmers

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  • Description

    Villagers in Guatemala lovingly weave lengths of cloth on traditional looms. Filled with natural rice, heat your warmers in a microwave for 45 seconds, give them a shake and carry in your coat pockets to stay cozy warm during winter’s chill.

  • Product Details +
    • Recycled fabric, rice filling
    • Set of 2 with box
    • 3 SQ inches
    • Handcrafted in Guatemala

    UPC: 732919487831

    SKU: 8810220

  • The Makers
    Ruth & Naomi

    Ruth & NaomiThe weaving cooperative Ruth and Naomi is located in Chontola, near Chichicastenango. Widowed artisans weave bright lengths of cloth on backstrap looms. Young men, trained as tailors, sew this cloth into finished products such as vests, bags, wallets and briefcases. Read more.


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