Our Mission

We create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term, fair trading relationships.

Our Name and Logo

Our name — Ten Thousand Villages — was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote. Because in every village are people who want to live a meaningful life with dignity and who bring beautiful culture worth sharing. Multiply the village idea by ten thousand and it represents the world we’re working to build.

A circular stamp represents the makers’ mark, the seal of approval and craftsmanship

Lighted doors and windows reflect the life inside artisans’ homes

A continuous line of rooftops reminds us we are all part of the global village

Lowercase type invites everyone into the maker-to-market movement

Local to Local

Follow a basket’s journey from the maker’s village to yours

Gathered From Nature

Our baskets are made from natural materials that grow near the maker’s home, including seagrass, raffia, palm leaf, and banana fiber. The maker might use vegetable dyes for added color or introduce contrasting materials like recycled plastic or reclaimed sari fabric.

Designed with care

It all starts with an idea. Some designs originate with the maker based on a time-honored pattern or her own imagination. Other designs are a collaboration with our buyers who share trends and inspiration.

Woven by Hand

Basket weaving is often a quiet craft. Some makers work from their homes so they can watch over their children while they sleep or play nearby. Some women gather to chat and laugh together as they weave. Many women learn this traditional skill from their mothers or grandmothers.

Transported Across Oceans

A completed basket may travel from the remote countryside to a bustling urban center where it boards a ship to cross the sea. At port it goes through customs, is picked up by our truck, and brought to our warehouse in Akron, Pennsylvania, where staff carefully sort and check items for quality.

Discovered by You

The basket is placed on display in one of our stores or posted in our online shop. You spot that handwoven basket — the perfect thing to take to your farmer’s market and fill with fresh finds. You feel good supporting local makers near and far.

And, you can amplify your impact with a donation that supports interest-free microfinance investments for artisans.

Help Makers THRIVE

Harmony. Made By Hand.®