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Inscribed Singing Bowl
The Inscribed Singing Bowl's sound reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and embodies two of Nepal's richest traditions, brass metalwork, and meditation—ethically handcrafted with an antique copper finish by artisans of Mahaguthi in Nepal. The Wisdom Eyes etched around the outside of the Inscribed Singing Bowl look in all four directions, these traditional symbols are often seen at Buddhist shrines to symbolize "all-seeing." Used for meditation, the sound of a singing bowl soothes your soul, cleanses your heart, and frees your mind from worries. To make the bowl sing, lay it on the open flat palm of your hand and then tap its side with the striker. Hold the smooth part of the stick upright against the bowl and move it slowly around the outside in a circular motion keeping firm contact with the bowl's surface. The bowl will begin to hum a meditative sound.


  • Materials: Brass
  • Measures: 5"D x 3"H bowl, 1"D x 7.25" striker
  • Colors: Copper antique finish
  • Care: Wipe clean
  • Notes: Includes a wooden striker called a puja
  • Handcrafted in Nepal

SKU: 5909210


Mahaguthi markets the handicrafts of more than 1,000 Nepali artisans working in 150 workshops. Most of the artisans are from remote and mountainous areas; among them 85 percent are women who use traditional craft skills while working in their own home. Mahaguthi's focus is to promote the well-being of artisans, to provide employment and to embrace and promote the principles of fair trade. Artisans receive medical and education allowances, paid leave and maternity leave. Mahaguthi's parent organization was founded in 1926 with the objective of making the poor self-reliant. The founder was exiled to India and worked with Mahatma Gandhi before returning to Nepal to do rehabilitation work with women and their children. Mahaguthi began marketing crafts in 1984 to support a program for destitute women and children. Ten Thousand Villages has purchased products from Mahaguthi since 2000.

Welcome to our global maker-to-market movement where, together with 20,000 artisans, we ignite social change. We create opportunities for individuals, families, and communities in developing countries to thrive through strong relationships, fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices.