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7 Galentine’s Day Gifts that Empower

7 Galentine’s Day Gifts that Empower

Sure, Valentine’s Day is great. There’s definitely something to be said about fancy candlelit dinners and red roses. But does romance always have to steal the show? Shouldn’t there be a holiday that celebrates all the women in your life that inspire you, lift you up when you’re feeling low, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself? We certainly think so. That’s why this year we’re putting Galentine’s Day on our calendar!

Galentine’s Day is relatively new to the scene, and we don’t know why it took so long for us all to realize that celebrating our best friends should have a day of its own. There are countless ways to observe the holiday that falls on February 13th. You could consume large quantities of waffles with the women you love, which is a tradition started by the founder of Galentine’s Day herself. (Thanks, Leslie Knope!) Or, you could head to the spa with your crew and leave your troubles behind for a few hours. Going on a coffee date, having a movie night, even planning a day trip together are all perfectly suitable ways to get into the spirit.

If you don’t want to show up to the Galentine’s Day festivities empty handed, you’re in luck! Our gifting experts have rounded up seven of their favorite fair trade finds that empower women and communities around the world.

Dead Sea Mud & Olive Oil Soap

An inspiring and functional gift, this soap is handmade by Arab and Jewish women working together for peace in Israel—an incredible example of what women can achieve when they collaborate. Full of Dead Sea mud and olive oil from Galilee, its properties are said to be skin-toning and moisture-rich.

Take Care Wrap

Encourage your sisters to take care with this microwavable rice heat pack handcrafted by artisans in Kathmandu. Soft and cozy, this little hug around the neck will remind them they’re not alone as their stress melts away.

Celebrating All Forms of Love

Celebrating love in all its forms with your galentines? Try the All for Love bracelet or the Rainbow Heart Earrings, made sustainably of gourd, then hand-painted by artisans in Colombia. Supporting her true colors is the real gift.


It’s always a good idea to help a sister invite some calm into her life. How about gifting your friends with a home spa session this Galentine’s Day? We women are so busy running the world that we rarely get any time to put our feet up and treat ourselves. With a handcrafted incense gift set they can enjoy aromatherapy in their own homes.

A Token of Sisterhood

Celebrate the special connection you have with your galentine, whether you’re near or far from one another, with the Soul Sisters Bracelet Set. For the ride-or-die buddy who always pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Blush Striped Scarf

Winter is chilly and sometimes Valentine’s Day just calls for something pink. Enter the Blush Striped Scarf. Made ethically by our fair trade artisan partners in India. Wrap your galentine in a cozy scarf this February before sending her on her way to crush her goals.

Feminine Energy Boost

Sometimes the world can get ya down. Give your galentine a boost with the Moonstone Mist collection. The semi-precious moonstone is said to correlate with feminine energy like her namesake, La Luna. The green onyx in the Moonstone Mist collection? It’s said to enhance wisdom. Worth a shot? Gifting a piece of handmade jewelry is never a bad idea regardless.

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