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Kantha: Wisdom in Every Stitch

Kantha: Wisdom in Every Stitch

We often think that to be successful we need to be independent. So, we pack our bags (literally or figuratively) and embark on a solo journey.

Rarely is the sailing as smooth as we hoped.

When we try to go it alone, we end up learning things the hard way. When we participate in a collective support system, a network of friends and mentors, we are far more likely to accomplish our goals. Plus, we get to experience the joy of helping others thrive.

The good advice we receive from members of our support systems can help us avoid countless mistakes and just make us all around better humans.

Though the world is ever changing, these priceless pieces of guidance stand the test of time.

Sacred Sari Throw

Take for example, the old thrifty proverb “waste not, want not.” Many of us probably have at least one memory of hearing this from an adult in our youth. Maybe we even found it a little annoying at the time (knowing that I’ll go to bed hungry if I don’t eat my baked beans doesn’t make them taste any better, Mom!), but it’s true. Women in Bangladesh and India have been putting this proverb into practice for hundreds of years through Kantha stitching.

Kantha | Artisans working with Sasha Exports in India

Traditional Kantha involves stacking and stitching repurposed saris and other cloth that has gotten too worn to wear to create a cushion that could be used as a throw or piece of bedding.

Kantha | Traditional running stitch

Kantha often includes a signature running stitch, as seen in the Kantha Stitch Stuffed Dog, Cat, and Giraffe from Sasha Exports in India. These stuffed animals are handcrafted using recycled cotton sari fabric, making them colorful and eco-friendly toys.

Kantha Stitch Coasters

The Kantha craft has been passed down from generation to generation, just like the best advice.

Gifting a hand-embroidered sari item featuring a running stitch, such as the Repurposed Sari Table Runner, the Sacred Sari Throw, or the Upcycled Baby Blanket, is a wonderful, waste reducing way to thank a loved one for offering indispensable words of wisdom when you needed them most.

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