Take out the trash: Eco-friendly Easter basket ideas

Easter, like so many of our holidays, comes with its own catalog of trash: chocolate bunny wrappers, plastic grass from Easter baskets, excessive packaging on tiny toys and trinkets, and plastic eggs broken in the mad rush to find out what’s inside. The garbage bags you need to dispose of at the end of the day can put a bit of a damper on this joyful holiday, but finding ways to generate less waste can often feel daunting in a world so enthralled with plastic and packaging.

Zero-waste lifestyles sound idyllic in theory, but can feel nearly impossible to implement in reality. However, reducing waste is often simply a matter of taking time to plan ahead and be strategic.

Now is a great time to start getting creative about how you can stop trash in its tracks this year. We’ve got a few ideas to help you create meaningful, eco-friendly Easter baskets.

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets For Kids 10 And Under

In contemporary culture, kids and plastic seem to go together like bread and butter. Not only are most toys made of plastic, they frequently come wrapped in quite a bit of it, and these wrappings generally go right in the trash. Much of this plastic is also difficult to recycle (not many recycling centers are currently accepting Barbies…). Here are a few tips for leaving plastic out of Easter baskets for your young ones.

Heirloom baskets –

Choose a basket that can be reused each year. The Recycled Sari Market Basket is hand-woven in Bangladesh with recycled sari fabric. Additionally, it’s quite sturdy and should be able to weather your child’s energetic Easter spirit as they examine its contents.

Shredded paper grass –

Use shredded paper instead of plastic as the “grass” in your basket this year. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you could even try dyeing it!

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets - Finger Puppets

Kick-start their Easter collection –

Hand-painted kisii eggs from Kenya are beautiful decorative pieces that can hold precious memories of childhood Easters for your kids as they grow older.

Encourage a hobby –

A key to reducing waste when gift-giving is picking a present with longevity. Crocheting is a creative skill that children can advance in over time and enjoy throughout their life. The Learn to Crochet Set from Bangladesh is a great starter kit to pique their interest. Journaling is a therapeutic hobby to start early and carry through life. The cover of the Earth News Journal is made of woven recycled cloth and recycled newsprint.

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets For Kids 20 And Under

It goes without saying that the teen years can be a little rocky. Gift giving can get especially difficult. If you ask a teenager if there’s anything they want, they’ll probably say money and then roll their eyes and walk away. However, kids in their teens today are becoming increasingly aware of the impact human behavior can have on the environment. They are creating positive change by opting for products that have been crafted with sustainability in mind, and they will appreciate the upcycling twist of the products in this low-waste and utilitarian Easter basket.

A multi-purpose basket –

Choose a basket that can be used for storage throughout the rest of the year. (Consider it a gentle way to push them in the room cleaning direction.) The Calm Mood Lidded Basket was handmade by our artisan partners, Dhaka Handicrafts, in Bangladesh from kaisa grass and recycled plastic. Line the basket with a beautiful Sacred Sari Throw from Bangladesh made from recycled sari fabric.

Keep ‘em clean –

Encourage your teenager to practice proper hygiene with gifts such as the re-usable Cotton Face Scrubbies from Bangladesh or Green Tea Soap from India.

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets - Green Tea Soap

School supplies –

Focusing on school is not always your first priority when you’re young, but there are lots of ways to help your kids stay organized. The Circuit Board Clip Board will help them keep track of any important papers or forms. The Longitude Journal’s cover is made from recycled maps and will be a great place for them to keep note of their assignments and due dates.

Add something cute –

They may think they are too old for these, but someday they’ll have a house of their own that needs decorating. When they pull out these Easter decorations, they’ll remember their teen years at home and maybe even give you a call! The Spring Smile Ornament Set was handmade in Colombia, and the felt Peek-a-Boo Chick was handmade in Nepal by artisans working with the Association for Craft Producers, which incorporates innovative processes to protect the environment.

Miniature Baskets

Want to create festive and eco-friendly gift presentations for your friends or family members without putting together a whole basket? Here are some suggestions:

Minature Easter Baskets

Skip the wrapping paper and grab a cute and reusable bag, such as the Crocheted Sari Fabric Gift Bag. Artisans from the Rajana Association of Cambodia transform bomb casings into meaningful pieces of jewelry like the Bombcase Arrow Ring.

Minature Easter Baskets

The Cork Drop-In Pouch from Colombia is a cute gift that can double as a gift bag. Fill the purse with some shredded paper grass and top it with a unique piece of jewelry such as the Sari Crown Necklace from Tara Projects in India, which features recycled sari fabric.




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