Ethical Gift Guide for Friends, Family, and Everyone in Between

Sometimes gift ideas come easily (thank goodness for thinly veiled hints), but others are harder to come by. We’ve got a few ethical gift suggestions for everyone on your list.  

Ethical Gift Guide | Floral Cuff Bracelet

For friends

Sometimes buying gifts for friends can be tricky. You want to get something sweet that will let them know you appreciate their friendship, but you don’t want to get something that might feel a little over the top. A fair trade accessory that’s special without being excessive is the perfect present. The Floral Cuff Bracelet is a gorgeous statement accessory in neutral tones that will easily fit into their wardrobe. An eco-friendly journal, like the Patterned Leather Journal from India, is also a delightful little gift for noting all their hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  

Ethical gifts for friends

 Ethical Gift Guide | Tea Towels

For coworkers

When we think of the holidays, we often think of spending time with family and friends. However, don’t get so excited by the prospect of a few vacation days that you forget the people that have had your back all year at work. If your coworker mentioned that they’re going to be doing a lot of hosting this holiday season, gift them with a fair trade tea towel that will freshen up their space. Or if they’re making a resolution to pack zero-waste lunches in the new year, they’ll love the reusable Eat, Drink, Live Tiffin from India. 

Ethical gifts for coworkers

Ethical Gift Ideas | Sow Much Joy Vase

For a crush

So maybe you like them but don’t know if you like them? It’s a confusing place we’ve all found ourselves in at one time or another. In this case, it’s best to stay away from jewelry or any other classically romantic gifts. But there’s no harm in gifting them something small that sends a message of relatively platonic affection until you decide on exactly what kind of relationship you want to share. An ethical gift that promotes mindful living is a way to simply say I care about your wellbeing. The Little Song Singing Bowl is a meditative aid that is sure to delight and the sweet Sow Much Joy Vase is a gift they can keep on giving.  

Ethical gifts for the mindful

Ethical Gift Guide | Amethyst Necklace

For a significant other

When there’s no doubt about it, it’s time to up your gifting game. Fascinate your significant other with your superb taste by gifting the Oval Amethyst Necklace featuring faceted amethyst set in sterling silver. Or help them stay warm this winter with the luxuriously soft Yak Wool & Cotton Scarf. 

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 Ethical gifts for him

Ethical Gift Guide | Paisley Cotton Robe

For parents

The challenge of finding a perfect ethical gift for Mom and Dad is they often already have pretty much everything they need (and probably a lot of your old stuff that they don’t need and would really love for you to come by and get rid of already). Try to find them something special that they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. The soft Paisley Cotton Robe is a sweet gift for Mom and the Glowing Onyx Lamp is a stunning gift for Dad. 

Ethical gifts for Dad

Ethical gifts for Mom

Have a few other people on your list that have you stumped? Find an ethical global gift for everyone with the help of our gift finder! 



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