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Ashtamangal Singing Bowl

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  • Description

    Magical humming sound from a singing bowl touches deep and comforts. Mahaguthi artisans sand cast and emboss singing bowls in bronze. To make the bowl sing, sit it on your open palm. Hold the stick upright against the bowl. Move it steadily around the outside keeping firm contact until the bowl starts to sing.

  • Product Details +
    • Bronze and wood
    • Wooden singing stick included
    • 6Dx2.5H inches
    • Made in Nepal

    UPC: 732919262926

    SKU: 5934300

  • The Makers

    MahaguthiMahaguthi, Craft With a Conscience markets the handicrafts of more than 1,000 Nepali artisans. Mahaguthi's focus is to promote the well–being of artisans, to provide employment and to embrace and promote the principles of fair trade. Read more.

Reviews (5)

  • Amahhhzing!

    . . . . .

    Wow! I just bought this singing bowl. I went in the store bc I had a coupon off one item. I'd had my eye on some baskets so that's what I intended to by but I said let me check out the singing bowls since I have a small one at home but never felt knowledgeable enough about investing in a bigger one. The sales associate was so patient and amazing and let browse then come back then ask him if he could show me a few then browse then come back and try them myself. This one is not the biggest. I always thought the bigger the better but no. This one is compact but puts on some of the most soothing and long lasting tones. I had no choice but to buy it and with my coupon I even got a discount though I would say it's worth the regular price. I love it! I can't wait to go home and meditate after work. So happy with the price, the quality, the customer service. If the sales assistant had not been so patient with me I definitely would not have walked out with it but I'm so glad I did!

  • Lovely

    . . . . .

    I love the detailing on the inside it adds a beautiful touch.The bowl is nice and heavy and makes the loveliest sound. I couldn't be happier.

  • Awesome Singing Bowl!

    . . . . .

    Excellent quality and craftsmanship! Well worth the price. Great tone!

  • One of my favorite TTV purchases

    . . . . .

    I've had this singing bowl for several years. Its mysterious depth of sound lingers and is calming beyond description. Great for yoga classes. I've used it with childrens' choir, letting one child open the class with it and another one close. It's heavy enough to sit on a thick fabric covered surface without sliding, so the children don't have to hold it in the open palm of one hand while keeping the stick in contact with the bowl.

  • Ashtamangal Singing Bowl

    . . . . .

    This singing bowl is one of the most spectacular singing bowls that I have seen. The sound resonates in deep tonal waves. The sound waves also continue on for an amazing length of time after you stop using the stick to produce the sound. All in all, this bowl is the best bang for the buck in all of the singing bowls I have seen.

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