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10 Ways to Get Through Winter

10 Ways to Get Through Winter

Do you ever find yourself starting to go crazy in those winter months?

Do you have moments of pacing around the house aimlessly, or building yourself a blanket-cocoon with absolutely no intention of moving until you transform into a beautiful butterfly?

Well, don’t hold your breath on that metamorphosis. And try not to wear foot grooves into the carpet. Because believe it or not, there are other ways to spend your time!


Suddenly, staying cooped up doesn’t seem so terrible.

1. Start a knitting project!

#1 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Start a Knitting Project

It seems like a cozy way to spend some time indoors… but keep in mind that if you’re not diligent, you may wind up finishing your scarf just in time for the first few buds of springtime!

2. Cook some comfort food.

#2 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Cook some comfort food

We recommend mac & cheese as the ultimate comfort food. Cozy up with a big bowl and a blanket, turn on some TV and indulge. Because this is the season for hibernating, after all.

3. Music and a jigsaw puzzle.

#3 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Music and a jigsaw puzzle

If you find yourself watching TOO MUCH TV, invite a friend over, throw on some records and put a puzzle together. It may seem cliché, but there really is something great about the amount of focus necessary for piecing together a puzzle. It makes you feel productive, without getting in the way of great conversation.

4. Drink some hot chocolate.

#4 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Drink some hot chocolate

It’ll warm those cold bones right up (especially if it’s spiked with just a touch of peppermint schnapps.) Pair it with a snack, like buttery scones! Take your time making your snack from scratch. It’s a rewarding way to spend some time. Plus, the taste of homemade things is tough to beat.

5. Organize your house.

#5 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Organize your home

Don’t go stir-crazy! Embrace your time indoors. This is the opportunity to catch up on all those organizing projects you’ve always wanted to complete.

6. Write a letter and send it in the mail to someone.

#6 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Write a letter to someone and send it via snail mail

While snail mail may not be the most efficient means of communication these days, there really is nothing that beats the excitement of receiving a handwritten note from a friend. And there’s something strangely therapeutic to get your thoughts out by putting pen to paper. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in 10 years—you’d be surprised by how much better it’ll make you feel.

7. Get a house plant.

#7 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Get a house plant

It might sound crazy, but there most likely will be a point in winter where you’ll start to really miss the sight of green leaves. And besides, there is actually some science behind houseplants and happiness. Even just a little bit of new oxygen could go a long way (even if it’s only psychological), plus plants are cheery reminders of life, which can be quite a comforting scene in the dead of winter.

8. Break out the crayons and draw a picture.

#8 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Break out the crayons and draw a picture

Again, this might sound crazy. But drawing can be a form of therapy. Exercise the creative part of your brain and put your hand to paper, almost like a meditation. Using your brain in a new and creative way can be refreshing! In parts of South Asia, women create traditional alpona designs in the doorways of their homes. It’s as much a meditative practice as an artful one—using colored sand or sometimes powdered lime to temporarily embellish their world.


It’s cold out. We know that. But believe it or not, exercise, fresh air and sunshine are some great ingredients that are proven to improve your mood.

9. Build a snowman.

#9 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Build a snowman

Remember how excited you used to get at the first sight of snow? And when school was cancelled, the only thing to do was to play in the snow! Building forts and snow-people decorated with scarves and mittens that would inevitably wind up being left outside until spring. Don’t let go of that carefree feeling! Snow is still magical. Even if you don’t have a sizable backyard, you can probably find a park somewhere to indulge in this childhood joy. Plus, it’s a great way to get outside and see some sunshine (which is healthy!)

10. Go for a walk!

#10 of 10 Ways to Get Through Winter: Go for a walk

Whether you live in the city or the woods, you can take a walk outside. Try to channel some of that childlike excitement you used to feel during the first snowfall of the season. There’s a truly unique beauty to the silence and stillness that snow brings. And if you’re feeling creative, take a camera along and snap some shots of what wildlife or other wintery scenes you may encounter along the way. Strange but True You might not think of these last two right off the bat, but they may just help your winter seem less dreary!

And there you have it! Consider winter your opportunity to let things slow down and embrace the shorter days by enjoying some indoor activities. Now you finally have that “you time” that you’ve been wishing for—so make the most of it!

What are some of the weirdest things you’ve done to survive the winter so far? Share in the comments below!

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