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4 Fair Trade Menorahs for Your Sustainable Hanukkah Celebration

4 Fair Trade Menorahs for Your Sustainable Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah is quickly approaching—are you prepared for the Festival of Lights? If you’re still on the hunt for an ethically made menorah to enrich this ritual for you and your family, you’ve come to the right place. Each of the menorahs listed below have been handcrafted by artisans in Moradabad, India who work with fair enterprise, Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is known for their commitment to their community—creating employment for disadvantaged artisans, and rising to each need they see; such as, affordable education for artisans’ children and sustainable and equitable trading relationships that allow for makers to be employed in safe conditions and receive fair wages. Each menorah is sure to enrich your sustainable Hanukkah celebration.

1 – Tree of Life Menorah

Handmade of aluminum in a captivating Tree of Life shape. May you continue to grow throughout the Hanukkah season and beyond.

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Engraved Iron Menorah | Ten Thousand Villages | Sustainable Hanukkah Celebration

2 – Engraved Iron Menorah

Featuring an antiqued, copper-colored finish and a delicate engraved design, this menorah is made of iron. The Engraved Iron Menorah features an old-patina-look in the best kind of way. We have choices, especially around times when we may be exchanging gifts or gathering for meals to put people and planet first. For more tips on setting an ethical holiday table, read more here.

Wrought Iron Menorah | Ten Thousand Villages | Sustainable Hanukkah Celebration

3 – Wrought Iron Menorah

This minimalist menorah is handcrafted from wrought iron. The cost of metals has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and the lives of individual artisans. Noah’s Ark has worked hard to train artisans to use alternative metals and materials and to create appealing designs, like this modern menorah in a traditional shape—an excellent choice for a sustainable Hanukkah celebration.

Bicycle Chain Menorah | Ten Thousand Villages | Sustainable Hanukkah Celebration

4 – Bicycle Chain Menorah

What were we saying about alternative metals and creative designs? This menorah is a perfect example of Noah’s Ark makers’ innovation and creativity. Made from recycled bike chain and other metal parts, this menorah still features an elevated center candle holder for the shamash candle and spaces for each of the other eight. Interested in how artisan upcycle bicycle parts? Read more here.

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