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4 Ways to Ship Some Holiday Cheer this Year

4 Ways to Ship Some Holiday Cheer this Year

There’s no doubt about it. This year is going to look and feel a little bit different than the typical holiday season. Some of our annual traditions may need to be reimagined this year, but one good thing about 2020 is that reminding your friends and family of your love while keeping a safe distance is easier than ever. You don’t need to miss out on making new memories. Shipping care packages, mailing handwritten cards, and connecting digitally are all options for spreading a bit of holiday cheer in a challenging year.

We rounded up our four favorite ways to ship meaningful gift packages to your community, no matter how far away you may be.

4 ways to ship holiday cheer

If you miss all the treats, ship recipes:

Our time spent in the kitchen often increases significantly around the holidays. Cookie baking parties with friends, Grandma’s famous Thanksgiving stuffing, and all those Pinterest-perfect treats for back-to-back events may be on hold this year, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to be postponed. We love the idea of handwriting that cookie recipe you and your friends finally perfected, and sending it in a care package with handmade cookie cutters, unique The Share Cookbook is chock full of inspiring ideas to test out in the kitchen, and 100% of the publisher’s profits are donated to Women for Women International.

Ethical holiday decor

If you miss their company, ship some cheer:

The holidays are a time for togetherness and cheer. This year, most of us won’t be able to gather extended family around the table or Christmas tree, and some of our friends may not be able to leave their homes or receive visitors. If there are loved ones on your list that you traditionally see in person, but who are staying socially distanced this year, we suggest shipping the cheer to them. A handmade card and some holiday decorations or candles to make their space more festive are wonderful ways to show you care, even if it’s from a distance.

Handcrafted cotton robe

If you miss cozy moments, ship gifts made to cuddle:

That feeling when you’re cozied up with your best friends, binge watching corny holiday movies because it’s too cold outside to do anything else? Yep. We’ll miss that, too. Even if we can’t share our favorite cuddle-worthy moments together on a couch, we can certainly ship them to their doorstep. The Sacred Sari Throw, Namaste in Bed Pillow, and Rainy Day Robe is everything they need for a cozy day at home.

4 ways to ship holiday cheer: sock puppet

If you miss meaningful milestones, ship playful memories:

It’s true that all ages enjoy the holidays, but little ones enjoy it the most. It’s magical to watch them experience the wonder of the season, so it can be extra difficult to be separated from the kids we love this time of year. While nothing can replace the joy of opening gifts and playing together in person, shipping a care package full of holiday cheer especially for the littles in your life and imagining the delight on their faces when it arrives is a close second. Have them give you a video call while they open it, and you’ll still get to share in the excitement! The Silly Sock Monster, Happy Stuffed Elephant, and Market Fruit Finger Puppets are all fun ways to engage their imagination. Baby hasn’t arrived yet, but you’re already in love? Ship the mama-to-be the Recycled Sari Baby Blanket and Recycled Sari Bibs, and let her know you’re looking forward to meeting the bundle of joy.

Need a few more great ideas to send meaningful gifts and holiday cheer to friends and family? Check out our Ethical Gift Shop online to shop (and ship!) with intention.

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