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5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is finally here! We’re emerging from hibernation and are ready for backyard barbecues, weekend road trips and all kinds of celebrations—from birthdays to baby showers. But through all of this is the never-ending question of… “what to wear?!”

What you need is a spring social calendar checklist. This tool will help you refresh your wardrobe with ease. The key is to reimagine your old favorite pieces by pairing them with trendy new accessories. Here’s how:

Occasion: Backyard Barbecue

A great afternoon barbecue has the potential to go long into the evening. If you’re making the most of those first warm rays of spring sunshine with a sleeveless shirt or dress, be sure to bring a wide scarf that you can drape around your shoulders as the sun goes down and the temperature drops.

Vintage inspired spring accessories for a backyard barbecue outfit. Ten Thousand Villages, Mosaic

Trend to Try: Vintage Influence

With the resurgence of mid-century modern style comes fashion pieces influenced by simpler times, when clean lines and angles were king.

Occasion: Wedding

Many weddings are no longer necessarily the fancy affairs that they once were. Nowadays, there’s more room than ever for the couple to express the uniqueness of their relationship through a casual venue, relaxed ceremony, picnic-style food, and laid-back attire. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not still fun to get all dressed up!

Pearl spring accessories for a wedding guest outfit. Ten Thousand Villages, Mosaic

Trend to Try: Pearls

Small and tasteful pearls are the perfect jewelry choice for any kind of wedding and a great way to dress up a more casual outfit.

Occasion: Baby Shower

Someone special is on the way! Shower the mother-to-be with love and surround her with a setting that speaks to springtime. A cute cotton dress is a great choice for an afternoon of gift-giving and cupcake eating with girlfriends.

Watercolor spring accessories for a bridal or baby shower wardrobe. Ten Thousand Villages, Mosaic

Trend to Try: Watercolors

Soft and soothing colors that blur together with watercolor effect help to capture the spirit of a baby shower.

Occasion: Weekend Roadtrip

Road-tripping is an adventurous way to travel… and not always the most glamorous. It can be tough to feel gorgeous when you’ve been sitting in a hot car, eating fast food for a few days… but at least you can accessorize!

Botanical spring accessories for a weekend roadtrip wardrobe. Ten Thousand Villages, Mosaic

Trend to Try: Botanicals

Some color and texture on a large necklace can do wonders to help you feel like your fabulous self again. Choose natural, light-weight materials for comfort and botanical motifs for a fresh look.

Occasion: Birthday Party

No matter what the occasion, comfort is always the key to looking and feeling your best so that you can focus on what really matters: your friends and family who are all gathered at the event! Springtime birthday parties might incorporate games into the mix—from outdoor lawn games to the classic kid’s games (like pin the horn on the unicorn-Pegasus, for example). So in those moments when comfort and freedom of movement are especially important, we recommend wearing a flowy cardigan over a simple tee shirt with stretchy jeans and secure sandals.

Long and linear spring accessories for a backyard birthday party outfit. Ten Thousand Villages Mosaic

Trend to Try: Long & Linear

If your outfit is flowy and loose, a necklace with exaggerated length will complement the lines of your clothes, without getting lost.

If budgets are tight, you don’t have to buy all new clothes to stay on trend and attend every occasion with a fresh new look. Jewelry pieces and scarves can work wonders to make you look and feel like a fashion queen.

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