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5 Sustainable Swaps for Your Nursery

5 Sustainable Swaps for Your Nursery

Congratulations! You’ve announced the big news, and now it’s time to start planning the nursery. The seemingly endless list of baby products and mass-produced must-haves can definitely feel overwhelming. But, don’t despair! Choosing sustainable nursery options is easier than you think. Before you build that registry, check out our five favorite sustainable swaps.

5 swaps for your sustainable nursery

Cuddle Time

When it comes to keeping baby safely in sight while they snooze, a bassinet may be high on your shopping list. Keep things sustainable with the Woven Palm Leaf Moses Basket. Locally sourced materials are handwoven with traditional techniques by women in Bangladesh, resulting in a bassinet that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment.

Sustainable Nursery - Sari Blanket

If you’re on the lookout for sustainable baby blankets, the snuggle is real. Our partners at Prokritee, a group of women artisans who are masters with needle and thread, have got you covered! Since each Sari Baby Blanket is made with upcycled washable cotton fabric that’s been lovingly laundered and hand-sewn, each is entirely unique.

Rainbow Star Garland

Set the Scene

Designing a nursery should be fun! You’ll be spending a lot of time there, rocking and reading stories, so you should love the way it looks. Choosing sustainable decorations is easier than you might think. The Rainbow Star Garland is handmade from tree-free paper and adds a pop of color to your space.

Sustainable Nursery | Silk Paper Butterfly

The Silk Paper Butterfly makes a cheerful alternative to a traditional mobile and will catch baby’s eye.

Wild Style Storage Basket

Storage Solutions

Are there any sustainable alternatives to mass produced plastic bins when it’s time to tidy up? You bet! Not only are baskets made with locally sourced materials better for the environment, but they are also a more aesthetically pleasing way to hide dirty laundry and organize all those baby toys. The Wild Style Storage Basket easily fits on shelves and in closets, making clean up time a snap.

Sari Flag Basket

If you’re searching for a hamper to hold you over until laundry day, the Sari Flag Hamper is up to the challenge.

Upcycled Sari Baby Bibs

Snack Time

When you’re a baby, eating is messy business. Keep them (relatively) clean with a sustainable bandana bib. Handmade with cotton sari textiles, the bright patterns will brighten your spirits as you plead with baby to eat those pureed peas.

Sustainable Nursery | Sari Burb Cloth

If your little one is feeling bubbly, reach for the Sari and Terry Cloth Bib & Burp Cloth to protect their clothes as well as yours.

Sustainable Nursery | Serene Moments Lampshade

Mood Lighting

If you’re looking for nursery lighting that will cast a soothing glow, look no further. The Serene Moments Lampshade is a sustainable solution for story time. Handmade with screen printed cotton, it hangs perfectly over your rocking chair. The Shadow Garden Mood Lamp can sit out of reach on a shelf, ready to set a comforting tone on dark, stormy evenings.


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