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5 Ways To Celebrate Fair Trade Month This October

5 Ways To Celebrate Fair Trade Month This October

At Ten Thousand Villages, fair trade means…

A fair price

Artisans and Ten Thousand Villages agree on a fair price that covers the cost of labor and materials, while enabling artisans to earn fair compensation for their work.

Cash advances and prompt final payments

Artisans receive up to 50 percent in cash advances when an order is placed and payment in full when an order is shipped.

Long-term relationships

With consistent orders from year to year, artisans can plan for the future. Artisan groups can be confident we are committed to maintaining long-term trade relationships.

Design collaboration

Our designers and buyers work with artisans to build on their traditional skills with trend and color information, and new product suggestions.

Environmental responsibility

We encourage our staff and artisan partners to employ sustainable eco-friendly practices and to use natural and recycled materials when possible.

Fair trade month

Visit our Fair Trade page for more information.

5 Ways to get involved with fair trade month

1. Visit the Fair Trade Resource Network

The Fair Trade Resource Network has free educational materials and resources with the goal of “building a more just and sustainable world by gathering, developing, and disseminating educational resources about Fair Trade.”

  • Free materials and products available for fair trade month
  • US & Canada events involving fair trade
  • Fair Trade Month 2013 advocacy resources

2. Shop Fair Trade

Give a “just because” fair trade gift this month or stop by one of our stores to sample some fair trade coffee and chocolates. Your fair trade purchases give artisans in developing countries opportunities to earn income that pays for food, education, healthcare and housing.

3. Take the Test

Visit Fair Trade USA’s “How Fair Are You?” test online for an interactive fair trade learning experience.

4. Volunteer at a Store, Festival Sale or at Our Warehouse in Akron, PA.

Volunteers are involved in many aspects of our operations, from the warehouse to the sales floor. Their contributions help keep our overhead expenses low. Some volunteer for one day; others volunteer for months or years. For more details on volunteering, visit our Volunteer page.

5. Pass It On

Share this article and introduce fair trade to your network this month. You can find many more resources to share on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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