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7 Ethically Made Bags to Carry into the New Year

7 Ethically Made Bags to Carry into the New Year

Wherever 2019 takes you, you’ll probably need to bring a few things along. With these seven ethically made bags, you’ll be ready for anything.

Ethically Made Bags | Essential Companion Tote

1. Essential Companion Tote

The neutral color of palm leaf fiber makes the hand-woven Essential Companion Tote an easy match for almost any outfit. The unique medallion design featured in this ethically made tote highlights the skill of the artisans that work with our fair trade partner Rishilpi in Bangladesh. Your market runs, day trips, and picnics will be a breeze with this sturdy leather and palm leaf tote.

Ethically Made Bags | Cork Drop-In Pouch

2. Cork Drop-In Pouch

For the days when you just need the essentials, the Cork Drop-In Pouch is an excellent eco-friendly accessory. Cork is a sustainable material because it can be harvested without cutting down Cork Oak trees. To harvest cork, the bark of the Cork Oak is removed, a process that does not harm the trunk.

3. Coffee & Cotton Weekender Bag

If bright colors and bold geometric designs suit your style, then consider taking the Coffee & Cotton Weekender Bag on your next big adventure. This fair trade bag’s eye-catching feature is a huipil, a hand-woven piece of traditional Mayan dress. Each huipil pattern is distinctive to a region of Guatemala. The huipil will serve as a meaningful reminder of the bag’s skilled makers.

Ethically Made Bags | Set Sail Weekender Bag

4. Set Sail Weekender Bag

Perhaps your style is a bit more minimal, but you still need a big bag for travel. The Set Sail Weekender Bag is just the ticket. Featuring navy and cream stripes and a leather handle and base, this ethical weekender is simple and sturdy. It comes with a matching clutch perfect for unfettered exploration once you’ve reached your destination.

Ethically Made Bags | Patterned Adventure Bag

5. Patterned Adventure Bag

Sometimes adventuring can simply mean taking a day to explore your own town. Stow your essentials in the fabric and leather Patterned Adventure Bag while you discover a new restaurant or find a pretty street you’ve never walked down.

Ethically Made Bags | Cotton Weave Tote To Go

6. Cotton Weave Tote To Go

The Cotton Weave Tote To Go is the perfect bag for a day trip. It’s big enough to carry a few of the souvenirs you may pick up throughout the day but small enough to not be cumbersome to lug around. This black and white stripped cotton bag will soon become a staple in your ethical wardrobe.

7. Loomed Folklore Bag

Make an impression wherever you travel with the Loomed Folklore Bag. This sophisticated red and green bag is crafted from hand-loomed cotton by artisans in Bangladesh. Featuring a leather back and straps, this bag can be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack. If your resolution is to be a little bolder in 2019, this bag is just for you.

Ethically Made Bags | Loomed Folklore Bag

Each new year brings new challenges, exciting triumphs, and fresh adventures. Be sure you’ve got the right ethical bag on hand to tackle whatever 2019 throws your way.

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