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Home Away From Home: 8 Ethically Made Dorm Necessities

Home Away From Home: 8 Ethically Made Dorm Necessities

It is incredibly exciting to head off to college. The future feels wide open, you have a new sense of freedom, and you’re sure to grow in a million ways.

It is incredibly terrifying to head off to college for pretty much all the same reasons.

When you’re setting off into entirely new territory, physically or emotionally, it’s good to create a safe space for yourself where you feel comfortable. Your dorm is your new home, so it’s essential to make it feel like one. Here are a few ethically made dorm décor ideas to help make things homey.

Dorm Necessities | Cat Nap Sleep Mask

Cat Nap Velvet Sleep Mask

The first hurdle to making your new space your own is the biggest one. Most likely the space is only partly your own because you’ll be sharing it with someone else who may or may not be a total stranger. If the total stranger you find yourself living with happens to have a completely different understanding of the phrase “reasonable bed time” than you do, things could get rough. Enter the sleep mask. As a kid sleep masks may have seemed like an antiquated glamorous tool used in old movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone?), but as an adult you’ll soon realize the amazing utilitarian nature of these miracle workers and how they can facilitate dorm-life peace.

Dorm Decor | Recycled Sari Pillows

Recycled Sari Bedding

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can stop making your bed. College life comes with a lot of deadlines and responsibilities, so start your day with an easy accomplishment! And if you’re making your bed, you might as well make it look nice with some handcrafted bedding, including throw pillows and recycled sari throw blanket. Quality bedding goes a long way to making a dorm room feel and look like home.

Sari Rope Door Curtain

The sari rope door curtain is so versatile, you won’t regret taking her along for your ride. It works beautifully as a wall tapestry, a room divider when hung from the ceiling (handy when co-habitating), and to add some personalized flare to an otherwise drab room (so institutional feeling, right?). Made with recycled sari textiles and terra-cotta beads, it’s as sustainable as it is fabulous.

Dorm Decor | Bicycle Chain Bookends

Bicycle Chain Bookends

You’re going to college to learn (right?) so there’s bound to be lots of reading! Add a bit of personal flair to your bookshelf while keeping your books in check (library fines are no joke) with the Bicycle Chain Bookends. And while you’re cooped up inside studying away you can daydream about being out on the open road where calculus doesn’t exist (at least not in your imagination).

Sunset Woven Rug

Let’s just say the people who choose the flooring material in dorm rooms were probably not art majors. The artisans who handcraft the Sunset Woven Rug, however, are true craftsmen. Plus, rugs make everything feel just a little cozier.

Dorm Decor | Hemp Washcloth

Natural Hemp Wash Cloth

Good roommates don’t clutter up the entire bathroom with a bazillion products. It’s a cardinal rule in roommatehood. Keep things simple with the Natural Hemp Wash Cloth, an eco-friendly option you can reuse. You should also bring a toothbrush. Good breath is another cardinal rule in roommatehood.

Dorm Decor | Bright Bit Baskets

Bright Bits Basket

When you’re living in a tiny space organization is key. Keep things compartmentalized with the Bright Bit Basket. This basket is handcrafted from jute and recycled cotton sari fabric by artisans working with our fair trade partner Dhaka Handicrafts, and it comes in four sizes, so there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

Task Lighting

A lot goes down in a dorm room, and mood task lighting is essential. Late night studying while your responsible roommate snoozes requires low-key lighting, after all. Grab yourself some ethically made and thoughtfully designed task lights, and you’ll be on your way to the dorm experience you always imagined.

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