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Be True to You with These 4 Ethical Looks

Be True to You with These 4 Ethical Looks

Life is weird right now. Does anyone even remember what “normal” looks like?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to turn your living room into an office and a classroom. Maybe you’re an essential worker feeling exhausted after working nonstop. Maybe you’re a homebody who was secretly thrilled about working in sweatpants, but the monotony of looking at those same four walls all day every day is causing cabin fever. A lot of us expected that life would have returned to normal by now.

Though we can’t always change the world outside, we can change our routines and the way that we look at ourselves.

Ethical Looks: Be True to You

For me, the first step to retaining my sense of normalcy is to look like my “normal self.” Continuing my typical get-ready routine in the morning helps me feel prepared to take on the day. One reason is that plopping myself in front of my vanity for half an hour with a cup of coffee gives me a chance to slowly wake up. However, as someone that has adored fashion and beauty since I was a teenager, taking this time also gives me the little spark of joy I need to start my day off on a positive note. There’s also a sense of defiance in continuing to dress as I usually would, knowing I’m doing it solely for my own enjoyment and not because someone else expects it of me.

Even if you’re struggling to find the motivation to crawl out of bed in the morning, taking those extra moments for yourself may be just what you need to get back into your regular groove. Start with a few key accessories to instantly elevate your look. Accessories can help you feel more put together and ready to seize the day. We’ve gathered four ethical looks that will help you feel like you again — no matter what your style is.

Ethical Looks: Bold & Eccentric

You use your sense of style to make a statement about who you are — the bolder, the better! You don’t feel like yourself unless you’re dressed head to toe in vintage clothing or crowned with hair the brightest shade of the rainbow.

The world needs your fun sense of style more than ever, so now is your time to shine!

Unique, vibrant accessories pack an instant punch. Try topping off your look with a colorful statement necklace like the Vibrant Energy Tagua Necklace or the Warm Tones Tagua Necklace. For an even bigger impact, pair both necklaces together to create your own layered remix.

Tagua Jewelry

If you’re feeling whimsical and playful, indulge your inner child with a flower crown. Artisans in Bangladesh handcraft these flowers from recycled sari fabric, so each one is as unique as the head that it sits on!

Flower Crown

Ethical Looks: Chic & Modern

The world is your runway, and recently you’ve probably missed out on a lot of opportunities to show off your carefully constructed looks.

As fun as it is to venture out in your favorite new outfit, the person you really dress for is yourself.

Try out a few of your favorite fall trends at home, so next time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you feel a little more like you.

This season, put an ethical twist on the latest trends. You’re probably no stranger to hoop earrings, which were all over the fall runways. Make this classic accessory your own by donning a pair with color and texture, like the Sunset Thread Hoop Earrings or the Blue Beaded Hoop Earrings.

Ethical Looks: Hoop Earrings

Pearls are another huge fashion trend this fall. The Fresh Water Pearl Necklace pairs pearls, glass beads, and brass together for a stunning, modern take on the classic pearl necklace.

Fresh Water Pearl

Ethical Looks: Simple & Classic

You generally like to keep things simple and don’t want to spend ages coordinating your outfit. You have your own “uniform” you stick to, and the prospect of staying home and streamlining your morning routine even further probably felt like a dream. But even the minimalists among us like the feeling of being put together.

Simple yet impactful jewelry with clean lines will go with anything in your closet and will instantly make it feel like a curated look.

Brass jewelry adds just the right amount of shine without being overwhelming. Minimalist metal pieces, like the Band of Brass Hoop Earrings, take the stress out of accessorizing; they are versatile enough for any occasion! They’re also a great place to start if you aren’t quite sure what your style is. A few key accessories can help pull your outfit together and will complement basic pieces like your favorite white t-shirt without drowning them out.

Ethical Looks: Hand-hammered Jewelry

For the times when you do venture out of the house, a simple, wear-anywhere purse is a must have. The Eco-Leather Black Purse is the perfect size for holding your phone, keys, mask, and any essentials.

Ethical Looks: Eco-Leather

Ethical Looks: Eclectic & Bohemian

You love being out and about, surrounded by people. Of all the things you’re missing this fall, jewelry probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, sometimes getting ready to go somewhere can be just as fun as actually going there! Before your next virtual coffee date or happy hour, try getting ready as if it were an in-person get together.

Getting a little dressed up brings you one step closer to feeling normal.

Choose accessories that make an impact and serve as a conversation starter even when you’re on a video screen or 6 feet away. Playful, threaded pieces, like the Shine Necklace and Knitter’s Bracelet, will complement your fun personality without overpowering it.

Ethical Looks: Bright Jewelry

Our brass bombshell jewelry is handcrafted by our artisan partners in Cambodia, who repurpose brass originally used as bomb casings after having it checked by local demining agencies and use it to create wearable symbols of peace, hope, and strength.

Ethical Looks: Brass Jewelry

Just like spring and summer, this fall will be a bit different. I’m committed to taking time for myself, which means putting on a sparkly necklace or wearing my favorite lipstick around the house just because. For you that might mean having an at-home spaliday or curling up under a cozy blanket with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Whatever you find yourself doing, be true to who you are.

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