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Best Ethical Graduation Gifts for These 5 Majors

Best Ethical Graduation Gifts for These 5 Majors

Move the tassels, toss the caps, and prepare for new beginnings because graduation season is here!

It’s time to celebrate the next journey (and the survival of college!) with gifts symbolizing the next great step into the adventurous unknown.

Recent grads are searching for jobs and pursuing new opportunities. Give a gift that taps into their personal passions and share a meaningful treasure they’ll cherish for the journey ahead. Discover fair trade treasures perfect for these 5 majors!

Ethically Mad Grad Gifts

For the English Major

The Upcycled Sari Journal Cover provide space to cultivate new thoughts and ideas. Keep their feet cozy with the Give Books Striped Socks. With each purchase, Conscious Step makes a donation to Room to Read, an organization that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries. Sometimes starting a new project takes a bit of courage. The New Beginnings Bracelet is the perfect reminder that they can always turn over a new leaf (or page) and start anew. A great writer always begins as a great reader, and the Capiz Cat Bookmark is here to help them keep their place in their favorite book. The English Major is ready to innovate and inspire—give a gift that will help them in their journey to do so!

Graduation Gifts

For the Music Major

Whether creating melodies or teaching a new generation of rock stars, the Music Major is ready for the journey. A collectible treasure from Nepal, the Delicate Song Singing Bowl adds global flair and calming sound to your cozy home. Jam out to whimsical tunes with the Summer Groove Thumb Piano or create a relaxing atmosphere using Radiance Cymbals as background sounds. Gift the Avant-garde Earrings to remind them to trust their creative intuition.

Ethically Made Grad Gifts

For the Culinary Arts Student

The culinary arts transform palates and tantalize taste buds. Gift ways to enhance the kitchen and inspire delicious creations! Beautiful fruits and veggies deserve to be washed in a beautiful colander. Add global fun with animal wine bottle toppers and a bottle of wine to make a great gift. And who doesn’t love pairing wine and cheese? The Mouse Cheese Knife makes snacking stylish. When it’s time to clean up, the Blueberries Tea Towel is up to the task.

Ethically Made Grad Gifts

For the Education Major

Education is the key to success, and it wouldn’t be possible without teachers! Newton’s Apple is a fun token of teaching, perfect for the desk at the new job. Help them stay comfortable in the classroom with the breezy Modern Journey Topper. Add a little sparkle to their wardrobe with the Reflection Necklace. Being an educator is no easy task! Gift the Be Still Eucalyptus Soap so they can unwind and enjoy a few minutes to themselves at the end of a long day. Give thoughtful gifts for classroom treasures or reminders of the impact education has on people all around the world.

Ethically Made Grad Gifts

For the Science Major

Studying plants, developing medicines, enriching the environment—the Science Major is all about discovering how the world works and how to make it better. The azurite and sterling silver Submarine View Earrings add some ethical flair while giving a nod to the grad’s interest in the natural world and the Hummingbird Scarf is the perfect accessory for a budding ornithologist. The Eco-Leather Messenger Bag is great for field notebooks and other essentials. Plus, instead of azo dyes, formaldehyde and other substances, eco-leather is tanned using materials derived from sustainable tea bark extracts and waxes. Working on the next big idea? The Circuit Board Keepsake Box is ready to store notes for projects long into the future. With science, it’s about proving consistent results. Give gifts that echo the same positive formula.

Graduation is full of change and excitement! Gifting the perfect keepsake is a meaningful addition for the journey that’s about to take place. Give conscientiously, give purposefully, and most importantly—give something they’ll cherish forever.

What was your favorite gift to receive at graduation? Do you have a favorite gift to give?

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