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Blankets form a soft tent, with string lights draped in the background and pillows scattered around the floor.

Blanket Forts for Grown-up Kids


Time to read 2 min

Remember how fun it was to build a blanket fort?

Think back to the carefree days of childhood and how building a blanket fort in the living room or in your bedroom (or even using the dining room table!) created a magical escape. Just because you’re a grown-up now doesn’t mean you have to let go of childlike fun.

In fact, recreating the soothing activities of our childhood may be the perfect way to escape the stresses of adulthood... if even for a short time. Whether you set out to build your grown-up blanket fort by yourself, with a partner, or with friends, rest assured that blanket forts for adults can be even more magical than the ones you remember from long ago!

After you’re done gathering your blanket fort needs, you can pour the wine and get started! Here’s our guide:

Colorful blankets form a tent, with soft string lights in the background and pillows and blankets strewn along the floor.

An activity for a night in, build your own blanket fort using authentically handcrafted blankets and pillows… because while Winnie the Pooh bedsheets may have been a great fort-building material way back when, we are grown-ups, after all. The style of the blankets is how you can tell the kid blanket-forts from the grown-up ones.

Lightweight yet well-made blankets work best for blanket forts as they are easiest to hang, as do blankets with bright colors or fun patterns for a whimsical feel. Light-colored blankets create a bright and airy space while darker-colored blankets have a light-blocking effect and are ideal if you plan to take a snooze in your adult blanket fort. 

In addition to the type of blanket used, it's also fun to think about the places you can build a blanket fort:

A blanket fort is set up in a room, with blankets clipped up creating a tent-like structure.

Build it around your bed, if you want.

A blanket fort is built around a bed, with colorful blankets hanging along with string lights.

An amateur mistake of the kid-blanket-fort-builders is to construct an impressive structure from couch cushions and sheets, only to go inside and find it terribly uncomfortable. But you’re older now, you know better. Plan ahead by building your fort around a mattress on the floor, or even around your actual bed. That way, you’re guaranteed ultimate comfort and coziness inside the blanket fort, and if you fall asleep in there, it does not matter.

Most adults are not going to be as excited to climb under the dining room table as they were when they were children. For the ultimate adult blanket fort experience, comfort is key!

The inside of a blanket fort with pillows, lights, and blankets draped in a tent-like way.

Here are some great ways to use your blanket fort:

1. Watch a movie or binge-watch your next Netflix obsession.
2. Go ahead and eat your favorite snacks. And don’t forget the wine—because you’re a grown-up now and it’s allowed.

The inside of a blanket fort with many pillows and a snack tray with a bowl of chips and two glasses of drink.

3. Read a book.

4. Using a portable speaker or your headphones, listen to your favorite music.

The inside of a blanket fort with colorful pillows, blankets, and an open journal with pen.

5. Bring your journal into your blanket fort and create a calming new ritual.

6. Draw a picture from your imagination, or something you see.
7. Snuggle up with your pet or favorite person. This option can also be incorporated into any of the options listed above!

Four images depict how to hang blanket forts using clothes pins.

Helpful Additions to Complete the Space

A string of white holiday lights add a magical twinkle to the cozy blanket space. Bright pendant garlands help to add a whimsical and decorative touch, or strands of sustainable floral garlands make your fort feel like a secret garden. Don't forget clothespins to help keep the seams of your blanket fort together.

Inside of blanket fort with a look at the top strung with white lights, featuring Tree of Life Bed Cover

Ultimate Blanket Fort Checklist

Ready to dive into fort building and create the cozy escape of your dreams? Everything you need (except the clothes pins!) is available right at Ten Thousand Villages. We'll provide the cozy elements and fun touches, and you provide the snacks and great company. Ready... set... build!

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