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Call for Writers: Handmade Journals of all Stripes

Call for Writers: Handmade Journals of all Stripes

No two note takers are entirely alike. Some of us are matter-of-fact while others are romantic (yuck). Some people are silly, some are serious, and some are somewhere in between. Whether our journals are vessels carrying us to literary greatness or safety pins to keep things from flying in one ear and out the other, it’s important to choose a journal that properly reflects its contents. So, saddle up! (Saddle-stitch, that is.) Here’s our guide to finding your perfect parchment partner.

The Diligent Diarist

We all have angelic aims and sinister schemes. Life is all about balance, right? It’s important to record the ups-and-downs we go through so that we can read them again in a few years and have a good laugh at our younger selves. Your decision to get bangs may not seem as cool 10 years from now, but the fact that this journal is made from tree-free paper will be cool forever.Dreams and Schemes Journal

The On-the-Job Jotter

Perhaps you have a job where you’re constantly on the move, hastily stuffing your notebook into a pocket or backpack as you run from place to place. You’ll need a journal that can handle your fast-paced lifestyle without falling apart at the seams. A journal with guts. The Leather Paper Journal is made from gutsy fiber, a tear-resistant material developed by artisans working with Salay Handmade Industries in the Philippines, and it’s about to change your life.

Leather Paper Journal Gray

The To-Do List Maker

Occasionally, unorganized people will get things done, but this is considered a scientific anomaly. The real changemakers stay organized. They set goals and crush them. They create to-do lists and cross items off with unadulterated glee. Make a small change while you work your way up to the big ones by choosing a tree-free journal such as the handmade Be the Change Journal.

Be the Change JournalThe Philosophical Observer

Some of us use our diaries to note the mundane, such as what we had for breakfast (cereal, again!) or the inadvisable number of naps we took today. But not you. You’re using your brain juice for deeper things. You’ll need a journal worthy of holding your thoughts on the theory of time travel or the existence of free will. The Intertwining Ideas Journal is the perfect place for your philosophical ponderings.

Intertwining Ideas JournalThe Field Notes Taker

Reserve a space in your suitcase for the Go Explore Journal from Bangladesh. This tree-free paper journal is unlined, so it can be used for the combination of notes and sketches you’ll need to make as you survey the globe. After all, you never know when you might discover an unknown species of beetle or when you might get bored and need somewhere to doodle! Anything is possible.

Go Explore Journal

No matter your style, we’ve got an ethically made journal to match. May these journals be of help and inspiration to you whether you are starting your next novel, recording your day, or simply keeping track of your to-dos.

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