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Cozy Up—Make a Winter Reading Nook

Cozy Up—Make a Winter Reading Nook

A reading nook makes eyes to look
At worlds the words had overtook
A simple stream, a babbling brook
All inside a little book

You’ve got your bottled water and canned goods. But how are you going to feed your mind while you’re stuck inside? Here are some suggestions for items to stock up on before that big blizzard

Get Cozy

A good reading session begins with comfort. Set yourself up for some lounging with pillows that are as pretty as they are comfortable.

Mindful Yoga PillowFine silk from Vietnam is gathered and sewn into pillows so luxurious, it’s easy to sink into a storybook world.


Ten Thousand Villages - bookends - reading nook

Going for a marathon reading session? Keep multiple books in order with a pair of handmade bookends.

Palewa Owl Bookends –Palewa is a dark stone that takes on a satiny sheen when sanded and polished at the hands of a skilled artisan. These little owls will grow wise from all the books they will guard for years to come.


Don’t risk losing your place if you get up for a moment; save it with a bookmark.

Gift of Reading Sari Bookmark–The purchase of these bookmarks helps create jobs for women, so that mothers can send their children to school and give their daughters the gift of reading.

Ten Thousand Villages - Tea - Reading NookTea

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to accompany a good book. Equip yourself with that perfect little tea set to make the experience as calming as can be.

Blue Waters Mug– The unique appearance of these crackle-glaze ceramic pieces is achieved by grinding glass into powder and combining it with oxide before applying to the surface of the clay. The piece can then be fired slowly, yielding the beautiful “crackle” finish.

Ten Thousand Villages Lamp - Reading NookThe Right Light

How can you read without good light? Don’t strain your eyes. Instead, find a lamp to sit beside you and provide the right light for a good night. Candles will add that flickering warmth you crave on a cold winter’s night.

Light Rings Lamp– Perfect for a reading nook because this lamp is made of stories, rolled up and repurposed for a finished look that is both intriguing and eco-friendly.

Now all you need is a good book and you’re ready for hours of imaginary adventure.

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