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Eclectic Geometrics

Eclectic Geometrics

When it comes to eclectic design, there is no greater challenge than marrying nature with technology. These two things seem opposite, right? Well the Recycled Bottle Goblet delivers the best of both worlds.

Recycle, Sandblast

Recycled glass bottles are gathered from local businesses and fashioned into goblets by turning them upside down (so that the neck of the bottle becomes a hollow stem) and removing the bottom to create the rim. A medallion of glass is fastened to the base, and the goblets are sandblasted to smooth any jagged edges of the glass and to create an etched geometric design.

The sandblasting technique embraces the accomplishments of technology, while the repurposing of old bottles celebrates nature. Each bottle is unique, just like in nature—there are different shapes and different shades of green, but the geometric pattern keeps a constituent theme in design.

Eclectic, geometric

Hard Lines, Soft Light

In fashion and in the home, we’ve been seeing geometric patterns in paint and on pants. But if you don’t want to break out the painter’s tape and start splattering triangles all over your walls, consider incorporating this trend in a more subtle way. One of the most gorgeous things about the Recycled Bottle Goblets is that since they are transparent, they will create breathtaking shadows when struck with the right type of light.

Since the sandblasted areas contrast against the areas left smooth, straight lines of green will illuminate your table or wall, while the outline of the goblet will show just slightly softer as a background. A breathtaking effect behind direct light, place them near a window to let the sunset work its magic. A perfect marriage of nature and man-made.

Eclectic, geometric - Bottle Goblet ArtisanIn the process of establishing and decorating a home, it’s nice to incorporate items that complement each other but are not entirely matching. A unique and authentic piece such as the recycled bottle goblet will become a focal point to the table and a conversation piece for the home. Display several alongside one another to show off how unique each one is.

From the artisans of Mujibha Exports, Zimbabwe.

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