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Ethical Earrings for Every Occasion

Ethical Earrings for Every Occasion

There’s no doubt about it. Earrings make an outfit. They set the tone for the day, and because they come in every shape and color under the sun, earrings are a great outlet for sharing your personality through fashion. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite ethical earrings for every occasion.


Let’s start with the days that could use as much added (professional) pizzazz as we can give them! Workplaces are not the best venues for getting too flashy and over the top, but don’t disappear. Stick to muted hues and metallics but feel free to get playful with shapes.

Ethical Earrings | Labradorite Moon Earrings

The Labradorite Moon Earrings feature a round-cut Labradorite gem and a fun-but-not-too-fancy geometric design.

Ethical Earrings | Art Deco Wire Earrings

These artfully angular earrings are minimalist statement pieces perfect for the office. Lead meetings and destroy that to-do list in the Art Deco Wire Earrings.


On to the fun stuff. What pairs well with omelets and fancy jams? Colorful and festive earrings, of course! We can be our most silly and expressive selves around our friends, and your earring choice should be no exception.

Ethical Earrings | Friday Earrings

Rainbow thread tassels make the Friday Earrings a joyful pair perfect for celebrating the weekend.

Ethical Earrings | Sculpture Earrings

Let loose in the Sculpture Earrings. These ethical earrings from Kenya will add a happy swing to your outfit.


No matter whose big day it is, one should never miss the chance to be the life of the party! Parties provide lots of opportunities for meeting new friends, making them a great time to express yourself with accessories.

Ethical Earrings | Spiral Hoop Earrings

If you’re someone who always likes to put your own spin on a classic trend, the Spiral Hoop Earrings are just for you.

Ethical Earrings | Golden Hook Earrings

If you want something that’s dressed up but doesn’t overpower your outfit, the Golden Hook Earrings are an elegant accent.

Date Night

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Pick a pair of ethical earrings that will turn heads, but that’s solidly your style. Trying a look that’s new or a little out there for you could throw your confidence into a tizzy, so stick to a simple look you know you’ll love. If it turns out your date isn’t your type, at least your earrings always will be.

Ethical Earrings | War and Peace Earrings

The War and Peace Earrings are a simple yet striking design perfect for a dinner date.

Ethical Earrings | Belong to the Earth Earrings

Just because you’re sticking to the basics doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The glass Belong to the Earth Earrings feature a neutral color palette and just enough shimmer to keep things interesting.


A wedding often requires a bit more formality than our day-to-day lives, but formal can still be fun! Weddings can also be all-day affairs, so be sure to pick something you’ll be comfortable in for the long haul.

Ethical Earrings | Jazz Earrings

Statement earrings can often be heavy duty, which isn’t the best for our earlobes over long periods of time. The Jazz Earrings, however, are both undeniably eye-catching and light enough for all-day wear.

Ethical Earrings | Calm Tides Earrings

Anyone who has been in a wedding party knows that weddings can be as stressful as they are exciting. Featuring mother of pearl framed in a thin sterling silver circle, the Calm Tides Earrings will help you stay poised throughout the day.

Quiet Weekend

Sometimes having nothing on your calendar is the best event to look forward to. These laid back days call for simple earrings that can be thrown on for a quick trip to the market or a slow stroll around the neighborhood.

Ethical Earrings | Impression Earrings

You can’t go wrong with a simple stud that will match with just about anything. The Impression Earrings are made from upcycled brass bomb casings.

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