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What’s Your Fall Personality? Ethical Fashion for Everyone

What’s Your Fall Personality? Ethical Fashion for Everyone

Autumn has arrived. What are you looking forward to? Hiking? Bonfires? Pumpkin patch photoshoots with the perfect insta caption? Easing into hibernation with warm tea and a good book? Hitting up every soon-to-be-trending eatery? Or maybe a little bit of all of the above?

Whatever your #fallmood, style it with ethical jewelry and handcrafted accessories. Here are our top picks for every fall personality type.

The Naturalist

When that crisp, cool Autumn breeze comes calling, the Naturalist goes running. Literally and figuratively.

If you’re the person in your group who finds any excuse to get outside, you’re probably a Naturalist. Whether you’re taking a hike with your dog, touring a local nature reserve with friends, or choosing to walk to the restaurant simply because the weather is lovely, you’re just happy to be out in the fresh air.

Fall Personality Type: The Naturalist

The key to creating a natural look is to stick with natural materials. Sustainably sourced wood pendants with subtle brass inlay and accents can elevate even the most down-to-earth outfit. As a Naturalist, you’re always on the lookout for fashion that doesn’t just look great on you but that’s good for the planet, too. Bracelets that are eco-friendly look just as good on a sunny September stroll as they do at a chilly October bonfire.

The Experience Collector

Do you suffer from a bad case of FOMO? Are you always checking your phone for the next local event? Do you have a weekender bag in your home that is always either half packed or half unpacked, depending on the day? If so, you might be an Experience Collector.

One of the best things about fall is the constant stream of activities. There’s apple picking, bonfires with friends, farmer’s markets, tailgating, and cozy family game nights. Experience Collectors are renowned for always RSVPing yes and being ready to go at a moment’s notice so they don’t miss out on any fun. They’re also famous for showing up with flawless style.

If you’re always zooming from one event to the next, the best way to create a ‘go everywhere look’ is to keep it simple. Have a sturdy tote on hand to hold your camera, snacks, and water bottle.

Fall Personality Type: The Experience Collector

Wear vibrant, no-fuss jewelry that is comfortable enough to wear all day and easy to switch as fast as the events on your calendar. And toss a packed weekender into your car just in case that one day adventure turns into a last-minute road trip.

Fall Personality Type: The Experience Collector

The Todos los Santos Bag features huipil, a piece of traditional Mayan dress still worn by women in the Guatemalan highlands. The artisans of Ruth and Naomi, our fair trade partner in Guatemala, have found innovative ways to incorporate these vibrant designs into new accessories. As an experience collector, we’re sure you love celebrating craft and culture as much as we do!

The Trend Pioneer

Have you been envisioning this fall’s looks since July? Others might think you’ve got a crystal ball, but we know you’ve just got a healthy dose of ambition and confidence plus a special knack for staying ahead of the curve. If your fall personality type is trend pioneer, you’re looking for traditional fall colors and motifs done in new and exciting ways.

The leaves are transitioning from green to beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds. Follow their lead with a hand-beaded pair of earrings featuring eye-catching color transitions.

Fall Personality Type: The Trend Pioneer

Or if you’re looking to make more of a muted statement this autumn, throw on a pair of Rotation Earrings and set a new trend in motion!

Fall Personality Type: The Trend Pioneer

As a trend pioneer, you’re not only interested in setting the style tone. You’re looking to set a new standard for fashion as well with ethical accessories handcrafted by artisans earning a fair wage in safe working conditions.

The Networker

Do your plans for fall include doing it all? If you’ve got building community, deepening relationships, and accelerating your career penciled into your schedule, you’re fall personality type is definitely a Networker. We can relate because we’re all about working non-stop to create partnerships that empower, just like you.

You’ll need simple accessories that will easily stand out at a work mixer, a board meeting, and a dinner with friends that all just happen to fall on the same night.

Fall Personality Type: The Networker

Oh, and don’t forget a sturdy and stylish bag to carry everything you need to get it all done.

Fall Personality Type: Clear Skies Cotton Tote

The Entertainer

If there was a Yelp page for you, it’d be full of 5-star reviews. If you’re always dreaming up fun game nights and theme parties, you’re quite the Entertainer. Between setting up decorations, creating the perfect playlist, and whipping up delicious dishes, the Entertainer fall personality type probably won’t have a lot of time for planning an elaborate outfit (unless it’s a costume party, of course, in which case they’ll go above and beyond).

Fall Personality Type: The Entertainer

Dress things up quickly while still looking polished by finding a fun combination of statement earrings and a stand-out scarf. You’re all about high-quality get-togethers, so you can understand why our artisan partners are all about high-quality materials and techniques, like the indigo dye and traditional Shibori dyeing used in the Indigo Geo Shibori Scarf.

The Thinker

Maybe you read through all these personality types and thought “ugh, no thank you. I’d rather stay in with some tea and a book.” There’s no doubt about it. You’re a Thinker.

For the evenings when you want to take yourself out for a nice dinner or to see a new documentary, stay sophisticated (and comfy!) in the Line Work Silk Scarf.

Fall Personality Type: The Thinker

And if you do have a social event you just can’t find a way around, keep things contemplative with the Night Sky Necklace and Bracelet.

Night Sky Necklace

Whether you fit squarely with one fall personality type or see a bit of yourself in all of them, live life fair this fall in handcrafted and ethically made accessories.

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