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20% Off All Outdoor Products This Weekend Using Code: MEMORIALDAY
20% Off All Outdoor Products This Weekend Using Code: MEMORIALDAY

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Grow the Love

Grow the Love

The story behind the sticky notes – decorating our website and store windows this Valentine’s Day – starts with a quote—

“A single action is worth a thousand intentions.”

This quote was the beginning of a message authored by Lucas Caldeira, CEO of our artisan partner group Asha Handicrafts, and is the inspiration for our Grow the Love campaign. Based in Mumbai, Asha Handicrafts began 40 years ago with the single action of Iscah Andrews to help one craftsperson. Today, Asha supports more than 1,200 artisans, working to promote social and economic development throughout India, ensuring fair pay and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Asha began much the way Ten Thousand Villages – and fair trade – were founded by the single action of our founder Edna Ruth Byler. And they have all flourished remarkably.

The impact these women created is immeasurable; yet both began very simply, with the decision to do something. Our campaign focuses on the power we have to do something positive – to grow the love – everyday, even in small ways.

Life gets hectic.

The world feels overwhelming.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded. And that’s where the sticky notes come in – pretty pink “to do” notes that share what your purchases are going to do.

Our visual merchandising team used the sticky notes to create beautiful window displays focusing on the ways that a single action – a fair trade purchase – can have so many positive outcomes – from healthy families and clean water to empowered women and hope for the future.

As a fair trade community, we also know that there are many more ways – from volunteering to sharing a kind word with a stranger – to touch the hearts of others and grow the love.

When you visit our stores, we invite you to leave a note with your ideas for growing the love that inspire your community.

You can take part on social media too!

Grab a pen and write down your intention or action on a sticky note. Put that note where it will remind you or someone else to grow the love. Snap a photo, share it with us and find out how others are growing the love.

Don’t forget to tag us:

@TenThousandVillages #LiveLifeFair #GrowTheLove.

There are ten thousand ways to grow the love. How will you?

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