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Indigo Global

Indigo Global

Don’t call it a comeback. People have been into indigo for thousands of years. A natural dye known to ancient civilizations, even its name gives a glimpse of how global it is: the word indigo is derived from a Greek phrase meaning “of India.”

The shade itself, from cloth to glass to ceramics, is a décor staple with serious staying power.


Like many commodities, indigo was introduced to Europe during the time of the Crusades. Once sea routes to India were discovered, it was traded widely and eventually planted in the southern American colonies as a cash crop. If it feels familiar as your favorite jeans, that’s no coincidence. It’s the color that dyes denim. But it has a global feel because it is as common to so many cultures. The shade itself, from cloth to glass to ceramics, is a décor staple with serious staying power.

Here are two totally different takes on how to build on blue to make a room your new favorite destination.

Mediterranean Magic


indigo-14Destination: Morocco and North Africa

Inspired By: The Ocean Blue Vases from Egypt

The Basics: Pair it with vibrant jewel tones.

Up the Ante: With mosaic pieces, tiled patterns and cutout detailing. You can also mimic the look of fretwork with stencils.

Go All In: with lots of lighting, like pierced metal lamps and lanterns, plus piles of pillows and Fun For: Bedroom makeovers

Peace of the East


Destination: Asia

Inspired By: The Peaceful Lotus Candleholder from Nepal

The Basics: The lotus flower is an iconic symbol of serenity in many Eastern cultures.

Up the Ante: With soothing neutral tones, river rocks, and bamboo accents. Consider a graceful orchid and hand-painted blue and white ceramics for a traditional Asian look.

Go All In: With furniture and lighting fixtures that have simple, straight lines. Clean design feels soothing, not harsh.

Perfect For: A bathroom update

The shelves at Ten Thousand Villages are your go-to source for all things global. Mix and match and travel the world with authentic products and designs developed collaboratively between our buyers and our artisan partners, who were paid a fair price for every creation.

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