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Jewelry – From the Desert, Sea, or Sky

Jewelry – From the Desert, Sea, or Sky

Most precious jewelry is made with metals or rocks brought up out of the earth. But let’s not forget that there are beauties from the sea, and the sky serves as a source of inspiration. So while some makers sit in the plains of Niger, others will sit on the shores of Bali, or mountains of Peru.

Whether you care to wear the dusty winds of the desert, the briny spray of the ocean, or cloud that shrouds the mountain, every natural piece of jewelry evokes the story of its origin.

Jewelry From the Desert:

Handmade silver jewelry - Fair Trade FashionEbony and Silver Earrings

In Niger, ebony is inlaid on a slender length of silver. A nomadic tribe dressed all in blue robes sits beneath airy tents, creating treasures using simple tools in the sand.

Long earrings such as these look especially great with a short haircut. A simple, silver dangle reflects the light just right while an engraving reflects the hand of the maker.

Handmade silver jewelry - Fair Trade Fashion

Jewelry From the Sea:

Handmade silver jewelry - Fair Trade FashionOyster’s Secret Necklace

Oysters are not the prettiest creatures on the outside, but every so often, a secret is revealed. A pearl inside an oyster is a miracle to behold.

Have you ever noticed that the outside of an oyster’s shell is as unique as a human fingerprint? Makers from the island of Bali, Indonesia took this uniqueness literally by pressing a fingerprint design into an oval of silver. From far away this mimics the texture of an oyster, but a closer look reveals all the ridges and waves of a fingerprint. A Ten Thousand Villages exclusive design.

Jewelry From the Sky:

Handmade silver jewelry - Fair Trade FashionSilver Wave Necklace

Villages in mountainous Peru sit close to the sky. As each link becomes part of a chain, airiness makes its way into the jewelry made by people living in the clouds.

Blue sodalite stone, sometimes called “poet’s stone,” is said to possess energy to enhance creativity and truth, ideal for artists, teachers and writers.

Inspired by nature, crafted by hand.

Timeless with a twist, these fine silver pieces are ideal for women of any age and will never go out of style. Unique designs are anything but boring, and the handcrafted quality adds a level of refinement and tastefulness. If they look authentically global, it’s because they’ve been made in the most exotic places, by people with longstanding traditions for their craft.

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