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Natural Beauty: Meet the Katari Skin Care Line, Now at Ten Thousand Villages

Natural Beauty: Meet the Katari Skin Care Line, Now at Ten Thousand Villages


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It all began with one woman’s life-changing trip to Tunisia—the northernmost country in Africa—and a desire to make a true difference. As Kate Fish explored this magical place on the Mediterranean Sea, she was struck not only by the undeniable beauty of her surroundings, but by the beauty of the people… both inside and out. Curious about the noticeably healthy, glowing skin of those she met, she began to learn more about their approach to skin care and was deeply inspired by its simplicity, sustainability, and effectiveness. Kate knew this fresh approach to beauty was something she wanted to be a part of, and the idea for Katari was born.

What does "clean beauty" mean?

Katari is a clean beauty brand known for its elemental nature: products are made with one pure, truly exceptional ingredient. In other words, the product is the ingredient and the ingredient is the product. It can be a tough concept to adjust to for those who are used to reading a long ingredient list on the back of their skin care bottles; how can just one ingredient really work so well? The secret is in the high quality of the ingredient, which maintains the quality of the product since there are no other fillers, mix-ins, fragrances, color, or other artificial ingredients. Customers can rest assured that what they are placing on (and in) the pores of the largest organ of their one precious body is not harmful, and is actually beneficial.

Ten Thousand Villages is thrilled to introduce this artisanal brand to our customers. A partnership with Katari is a natural fit, as they are truly a hands-on company: from the making of the products to the relationships they build with their artisans. There is no middle man at Katari; Founder Kate Fish travels to meet with artisans often, and has created and maintained close relationships with them and their families. In a world where quick often trumps quality, Katari is on a mission to promote slow beauty

The beauty of Katari and its benefits for all skin

Products available at Ten Thousand Villages include the Hoba Jojoba Oil Cleanser, Roseau Rose Toner, Geran Geranium Flower Water, Rosehip Brightening Oil, Granate Pomegranate Oil, and Black Seed Clearing Oil. In addition, exclusive to Ten Thousand Villages, three starter kits will also be available for purchase: the Dry/Mature Skin Kit, the Oily Skin Kit, and the Combination Skin Kit.

Each product has its own special functions for the benefit of the skin, but the great news is—especially for skin care beginners—is that since the products are so pure, customers really can’t go wrong no matter which products they choose:

Hoba Jojoba Oil A cleansing oil that removes makeup like a dream and leaves a velvety—not greasy—finish. Hypoallergenic, and multi-functional as a cleanser, moisturizer, primer, beard lubricant, and makeup remover, this is a skin care staple. Made from just one pure ingredient: 100% cold-pressed jojoba plant wax (oil). In a skin care routine, using this cleansing oil would typically be the first step.

Roseau Rose Toner A perfect follow-up to the cleansing Hoba Jojoba Oil or great any time skin could use a refresher, this cooling mist made of first distillation, 100% rose water with preserved rose essential oil is a decadent treat for the skin. Roseau Rose Toner inhibits enzymes that break down collagen and elastins and is a key for every healthy aging journey.

Geran Geranium Flower Water Another fantastic option as a soothing moisturizer in the daily routine or as a refreshing mid-day spritz, Geran Geranium Water is especially helpful for those who battle inflammation and redness. Made from first distillation, 100% pure geranium hydrosol (flower water).

Rosehip Brightening Oil This 100% cold-pressed rosehip oil made from dried petals and fruit of the rosehip bush is a naturally effective alternative to retinol. While retinol can be very irritating to some, rosehip oil is naturally infused with vitamins A, C, and F, and serves as a perfect skin-brightening and wrinkle-smoothing serum without the uncomfortable side effects. Gently press or use the fingertip “raindrop” technique to help the product absorb into damp skin.

Granate Pomegranate Oil With its naturally delectable scent, the Granate Pomegranate Oil is an irresistible addition to the skin care routine, especially for those with oily or sun-damaged skin. Rich in vitamin C, this 100% pure, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil will naturally balance skin pH and help to repair environmental damage to slow the process of premature skin aging. Great for everyday use following the cleansing and toning steps.

Black Seed Oil Those with skin prone to troubles like itchy eczema or irritating acne will find this oil, made from 100% cold-pressed black seed oil, particularly beneficial. With its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, this quietly powerful oil is healing.

Because a multi-step routine provides the most well-rounded care for skin, Katari has created three different starter kits: one for mature/dry skin, one for oily skin, and one for combination skin. The Dry/Mature Skin Kit includes the Hoba Jojoba Oil, Roseau Rose Toner, and the Rosehip Oil, the Oily Skin Kit includes the Hoba Jojoba Oil, Geran Geranium Flower Water, and the Black Seed Oil, and the Combination Skin Kit contains the Hoba Jojoba Oil, Roseau Rose Toner, Rosehip Oil, and Granate Pomegranate Oil. All kits also work for sensitive skin. Exquisitely packaged, these kits are completely exclusive to Ten Thousand Villages through this year. 

Is applying oil on my face bad for my skin?

It’s a common misconception that using oil on one’s face will cause breakouts or clog pores; many forget that the secret to combatting oily skin is actually well-hydrated skin. When made from a 100% pure ingredient, as the oils in Katari’s line are, using oil provides a whole host of benefits: it’s effective, it feels wonderful on the skin, and it actually nourishes the skin

A positive impact on skin and the planet

Not only do Katari products have a naturally positive effect on skin, they also have a positive impact on the earth. Products are created sustainably by artisans – but it doesn’t stop there. Even the glass bottles that the products come in are pure glass (no plastic fillers here!), hand-blown by artisans in Egypt. Customers can feel confident that their skin care routine is good for their body and also good for the planet which they inhabit. 

Elevate your skin care routine

With the addition of these clean beauty products, Ten Thousand Villages becomes a one-stop shop for your skin care routine and self care becomes a true experience. Wrap yourself in handcrafted, eco-friendly luxury with the Kantha Stitch Sari Bathrobe , made from recycled silk sari fabric. Pair the Hoba Jojoba Cleansing Oil with colorful and soft Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds to remove even the most stubborn makeup. The makeup rounds store perfectly in the handcarved Khazaana Mango Wood Box , which is both beautifully decorative and functional. Add Face Massage Stones as a weekly treat paired with Katari products for a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Finally, treat your body with the same care as your face by slathering on rich, 100% African small-batch Shea Butter Cream .

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