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Kite Takes Flight Necklace from TARA Projects

Kite Takes Flight Necklace from TARA Projects

Kite Necklace - TARA Projects, education in India

TARA Projects Combats Child Labor

TARA stands for “Trade Alternative Reform Action.” Established in 1973, TARA Projects is one of the largest fair trade organizations in India. Some of their fundamental goals are to combat child labor and exploitation of workers while promoting fair trade and human dignity.

TARA Projects operates 11 learning centers that are located in neighborhoods where children are at a high risk of becoming involved in child labor. To help support the efforts of these learning centers, Ten Thousand Villages has created an exclusive design—a delicate golden kite pendant. The “Kite Takes Flight Necklace.”

What makes this kite necklace special?

For every kite necklace purchased, $2 will go directly to TARA Projects. The kite was the symbol chosen for this necklace because it is a universal symbol of childhood, and because kite-flying is an important part of many of India’s cultural festivals.

Your $2 will go a long way towards the budget for teacher salaries, books, uniforms, desks, and all the things needed to keep children on course towards an education and out of child labor. In other words, your $2 will help children have a real childhood.

Kite Necklace - TARA Projects, education in India

About the Artisans

The talented craftsmen and women of the Taja 8 workshop are the producers of the Kite Takes Flight Necklace. Taja 8 is located in the village of Pataudi, southwest of Delhi. Lead by Mr. Mohammed Yanus, Taja 8 is able to do all of the casting, constructing, and electroplating in-house.

Kite Necklace - TARA Projects, education in IndiaThe finishing work for the necklace is completed by women. Their presence is significant at the workshop, because women in this region are not traditionally given the opportunity to work outside the home and earn an income. By providing women with employment options, they are able to better support their families and create possibilities to educate their children.

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