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Sari-Made Magic: Transforming Old Cloth Into New Designs

Sari-Made Magic: Transforming Old Cloth Into New Designs

Fashion x clever re-use = sari-wrapped goods as unique as you!

Thrifting one weekend at the local MCC Reuse-It! in Ephrata, PA, Melissa Hand, Ten Thousand Villages’ senior buyer, came across an ‘80s staple, the fabric-wrapped basket.

This thrift find inspired her eco-design and collaboration with Prokritee in Bangladesh for the sustainably-made sari-wrapped basket we sell today—and that you see in stores all over the world.

“The women used to go door-to-door to collect old saris, a dollar each,” explains Hand. “The export market exploded for this basket. Door-to-door couldn’t keep up, a secondary market developed for used saris. It became so popular they started selling the baskets locally too.”

Giving Old Product New Life

Sari-wrapped earrings, baskets, and chairs are all one-of-a-kind. No two are ever alike. They’re as unique as you. And have each lived a life before becoming something new.

It’s Earth Day & Fashion Revolution Week

It’s Earth Day and the first day of Fashion Revolution Week. These two organizations are also global movements, like ours at Ten Thousand Villages, that share sustainability goals and values. We all believe that when we prioritize people and the planet over profit, we collectively become a force for environmental and economic justice and positive change. We all believe that together, we can make a difference with the choices we make, like what we buy. When it’s easier to shop our values, buy goods that are a little lighter on the planet, that take care of the people who make them, and offer purpose and beauty to those who buy them, we make an impact.

Upcycling Fashion Waste Looks Good on You!

Instead of throwing out worn saris, resourceful artisans creatively repurpose them to create these gorgeous goods. Waste is kept out of landfills, and you have something beautiful in every way.

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