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Shea Butter Benefits - Natural Skincare Solutions

Shea Butter Benefits - Natural Skincare Solutions

Once processed, the shea nut takes on a nourishing quality. It is filled with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which are critical for cellular restoration and moisturizing. Silky, luxurious shea butter crafted from the shea nut is a Ghanaian skincare secret that the makers of Ele Agbe are sharing with the world.

Natural shea butter from Ghana

Our favorite things about the Shea Butter Cream from Ele Agbe? It’s 100% pure shea, while competing products typically include as little as 10% of the shea ingredient.

Okay, actually we have a few favorite things… Not only does this shea butter cream provide relief to dry skin, this one sweet and simple gift creates work for three organizations in Ghana.

Betty Araba Erskine Yamoah and Edward Erskine Yamoah

The lovely ceramic pots are handcrafted by Edward Erskine Yamoah, a master craftsman who runs Yam-Full Ceramics with his wife, Betty Araba Erskine Yamoah.

Yam-Full Ceramics is located at the Abrafo Handicraft Production Centre, which is part of the Central Region Development Commission’s effort to promote and develop the craft industry in Ghana.

The pots are each hand-stamped with adinkra symbols, a system of figurative and stylized geometric shapes traditionally used by the Akan people of Ghana. They embody poetic messages, cultural metaphors, proverbs and beliefs.

Next, the pots are carefully filled with soothing shea butter cream made at the Ele Agbe workshop. Ele Agbe was founded by Comfort Akorfa Adjahoe Jennings and provides employment for women in the city of Accra.

Comfort Akorfa Adjahoe Jennings

Finally, the gift is topped off with a beautiful handmade bead from Tet Glass Beads, an organization run by master beadmaker Abraham Tetteh.

This shea butter gift is not just a handy skin cream; it’s a collaboratively crafted experience from Ghana. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Watch the making of shea butter from the artisans of Ele Agbe in Ghana

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in 2013. Since that time, the Ele Agbe workshop has moved to a new location. Edward Erskine Yamoah of Yam-Full Ceramics passed away in 2018.

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