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Six Styles Necklace

Six Styles Necklace

ArtisanSana Hastakala, which means “small handicraft” in Nepali, is a nongovernmental, nonprofit export organization based in Kathmandu. Sana Hastakala works to preserve the rich artistic skill and traditions of Nepali artisans, including jewelry-making and beadwork. This group also provides additional training and marketing assistance to artisans, as more than 80% are women who have had little to no access to education.

These ladies are the hands behind an innovative new necklace we’ve called “Great Lengths Lariat” —a lariat style necklace, beaded and fringed for some sparkle, that can be worn in six different ways! Long enough to wrap, two or three times, this necklace can even be worn as a belt when you want to dress up your jeans.

This necklace delivers elegance and sophistication

A tribute to the grandiose age of Gatsby when everything had a little bit of sparkle, this necklace delivers elegance and sophistication. Here are six ways to incorporate this unique necklace into your everyday look:

1 2 3

1) Looped Once

Fold the necklace in half, and hang around the back of the neck. This should leave you with a loop on one side (where the fold is) and the two fringed edges on the other side. Insert both edges into the loop and then slide the loop as tight as you’d like.

2) Wrapped Once

Hold the necklace in one long strand. Imagine it in three parts, leaving one of the thirds off to one side. With the remaining two thirds of length, wrap once around the head and slide to fashion the look of a delicate scarf or choker-style necklace, allowing the ends to drape delicately down the front.

3) As a Belt

This one should be self-explanatory. Simply wrap around the waist and knot to accentuate your curves.

4 5 6

4) Tied and Wrapped Twice

This time, imagine the necklace in four parts. Leave one quarter to one side and wrap the remaining length twice around the head. Next, tie the loose ends to create a tidy swoop in the front.

5) Wrapped Once, Tied Midway

Using the same method as the #2 look, simply tie the loose ends a little lower so that it creates a nice triangle shape and leaves the two fringed ends hanging closely together in the middle.

necklace6) Tied Once

Probably the easiest look and also the most dramatic. Slide the necklace so that the center of if falls against the back of the neck. Then tie the two ends together with the knot sitting at a point that is flattering for you. This allows the two strands to flow longer than any of the other looks. An easy, party-ready piece, perfect for that special event or even just for a day out shopping.

Ten Thousand Villages works hard to closely follow the latest style trends. The designers here in the U.S. relay this information to our artisan partners across the globe so that they can use their traditional skills and techniques in ways that are marketable to a Western audience.

We hope you enjoy the efforts to create this versatile, one-of-a-kind necklace.

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