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Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants

Designing your own living succulent arrangement is a fun activity for yourself, your kids, and your friends.

Bring green indoors as the outdoor landscape fades.

Low-maintenance succulent plants, available in a variety of colors, will add a splash of life to your home as the flowers and trees go dormant—a comforting reminder that spring is not so far away.

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at keeping houseplants in the past with little or no luck? Well, because succulents store moisture inside their leaves, they can go for weeks without watering, making them the ideal houseplants for people with a busy lifestyle.

Layered Earth Planters

Fair Trade Planters - Succulent Garden From CORR–The Jute Works workshop in Bangladesh, these planters (available in small and large) feature natural patterning of layered earth, incorporating two colors of clay into one modern and functional design. Your little succulent plants will be happy as can be. Choose some plants with accents of white, to accentuate the color variation in the clay.

Wise Eyes Owl Planter

Fair Trade Planters - Succulent Garden planter_owlWhitewashed after firing, this planter features a design etched by hand on an owl-shaped form molded from the clay off the banks of alluvial rivers. Owls are becoming popular as a home décor motif. The addition of succulent plants will give this owl a funny hairstyle—making him look both wise AND whimsical.

Blue Repose Planter

Fair Trade Planters - Succulent Garden Maybe you’re looking for something a little more sleek and sophisticated. Thrown by hand and glazed in deep blue by craftspeople in Vietnam, this simple planter will be an understated habitat for the shallow roots of all those succulents.

Blue Tulip Planter

Available in three sizes, the blue tulip planter is not just for tulips. These tall planters in soothing blue are statements in themselves. Try one of each alongside each other for a tapered effect.

Seashell Planter

Fair Trade Planters - Succulent Garden

Rustic, modern, and playful, this white seashell planter will not only help to bring a breath of plant life into your home, but also a reminder of summer beach fun. Nautical themes are still trending home accent styling.

As winter approaches this year, don’t get discouraged at the impending lack of color. Add a breath of fresh life to your home with a little something alive and green. Find a family of succulent plants that will live together in harmony, contained happily in a fair trade and handmade pot from Ten Thousand Villages.

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