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The Summer Solstice Collection

The Summer Solstice Collection

There’s something special about summer. Is it the slow mornings and lazy afternoons? Or open windows and trips to the shore? For me, it’s long warm walks and refreshing slices of juicy watermelon. Whatever it is about summer that makes you happy, take some time to celebrate the season on the summer solstice.

Summer Solstice Small Batch Collection

The summer solstice occurs at the end of June and marks the official start of the summer season for the northern hemisphere (but don’t wait until then to start using sunscreen!). It’s the longest day of the year and, therefore, the most fun. More hours of sunlight mean more hours sitting under your beach umbrella, swimming in your favorite neighborhood pool, and eating every delicious thing under the sun (the longer you’re awake and active, the more calories you need, right?).

Summer Solstice Collection | Fearless Earrings

This long and wonderful day has been celebrated around the world for centuries. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing called Stonehenge? This ancient monument is oriented around the cycles of the sun! This year, we’re celebrating with the introduction of our small-batch Summer Solstice Collection (less monumental then Stonehenge, but arguably far more stylish).

Summer Solstice Collection | Abstract Art Earrings

The handcrafted items in the Summer Solstice Collection are vibrant and bold to reflect the excitement and joy the summer season brings.

Summer Solstice Collection

Plus, many of these artisan-made pieces feature touches of gold that will playfully catch the sun so you can literally be dazzling at your next summer party.

Summer Solstice Collection | Spiral and Spring Bracelet

The summer solstice marks the earth’s trip around the sun and consequently our climate’s rhythms, so this special day is also a chance to celebrate this little blue dot we all call home. In honor of our amazing planet, much of the Summer Solstice Collection features recycled sari fabric that’s been diverted from landfills and artfully crafted into colorful jewelry by artisans in India.

Summer Solstice Collection | Recycled Sari Earrings

The one-of-a-kind pieces in our small-batch Summer Solstice Collection are exuberant statement pieces that radiate creativity and fun – exactly like the perfect summer.

Summer Solstice Collection

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