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These Are Not Your Average S’mores

These Are Not Your Average S’mores

The countdown to summer is on and that means long days that bleed into extended nights. We love those long, carefree days followed by cool evenings spent outside sharing stories around a campfire. Especially if there are s’mores. Today, we bring you three ways to make your s’mores even better!

How to make s'mores better. Image shows a handcrafted mug in the shape of a fox face nestled in a handwoven grass basket with Equal Exchange hot cocoa, graham crackers, a recycled sari napkin and Equal Exchange chocolate bars. In the background is a lit campfire.

As far as we’re concerned, nobody is ever too old for stories and sweets. But as we grow up our tastes do become a bit more refined, and that certainly holds true for s’mores. If plain old marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate no longer satisfy your palate, never fear! We have three easy recipes that will take your s’mores from ‘basic’ to ‘bon appetit’.

Not your average s'more

The Gimmelots S’more

This is the easiest, and perhaps most crowd-pleasing upgrade you’ll ever make. Take all the regular s’mores ingredients (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows) and simply add peanut butter. We call them The Gimmelots because your friends will want to eat lots of them and go back for seconds… and thirds. Now that’s an easy s’mores upgrade!

Pro tip: try it with fair trade dark chocolate for an even classier campfire experience.

The Salted Caramel S’more

This rich, ooey-gooey upgrade will make your friends think you’re some kind of culinary genius. All you need to do is make a few easy ingredient switches:

– Chocolate graham crackers

Equal Exchange Caramel Crunch dark chocolate bar

– Marshmallows

– Coarsely ground salt.

Give the roasted marshmallow a quick sprinkle of salt before assembling the s’more, and voila! Everybody will assume you just graduated from a Parisian cooking school.

How to make s'mores better. Image shows an Asian woman with long dark hair wrapped in a handwoven blanket. She's holding a handcrafted mug with the silhouette of black cat on it. She's seated next to another woman who is just out of frame and both are roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

The Elvis S’more

Inspired by Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich, this s’more will get everybody’s toes tapping. Here’s what you need:

– graham crackers

– sliced bananas

– bacon (cooked)

– peanut butter

– marshmallows

Equal Exchange Milk Chocolate

Assembly is required. These are not for the amateur s’mores eater, and will be delightfully messy. Just make sure you don’t let them drip on your blue suede shoes.

Not your average s'mores! Image shows a tray of s'mores fixings together being set down by a person whose arms and hands are in the frame.

Did you notice our affinity for Equal Exchange Chocolate? We choose fair trade every time, making sure we’re putting people and planet first. Even when it comes to s’mores.

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