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Transform Your Office into a Summer Retreat

Transform Your Office into a Summer Retreat

Many of us know the frustration of being cooped inside an office, sitting at a desk when all you want to do is run around outside in the sunshine. Don’t quit your job! Instead, transform your space into a colorful and summery place where you will love to sit.

Fair Trade decorate your office | desk | decor

Pods of Personality

These little birds are excellent gifts for anyone who loves animals, travel, culture or color.

Some kooky little birds will brighten up even the most fluorescently lit grey cubicle. Whimsically crafted from natural seed pods and painted in vibrant, African colors, these little birds will bring a smile to your face each day.

Fair Trade decorate your office | desk | decorA Hoopoe Bird, a Knysna Lourie, and a Pygmy Kingfisher are all colorful birds, native to different areas of Africa. Artisans of Mujibha Exports treasure their homeland and celebrate it by creating works of art in the likeness of their native birds or beasts.

Two of the artisans behind these seed pod birds are Raina Mazweimbiri and her husband George. Together, they run a family workshop out of their home, near Harare. Raina’s hope for the future is for the family to build a new building so that all of the work can be done at her home, enabling her to oversee production and provide artisans with more guidance for quality assurance.

“Our work is extraordinary. This business is uncommon in Zimbabwe. Locals don’t appreciate the handcrafted nature of these birds. God is guiding me because I didn’t think I would be an artist,” – states Raina.

A little piece of Africa to watch over your workspace. In moments where vacation feels unobtainable, a small glimpse of a distant land will help to soothe the thirst for travel.

Fair Trade decorate your office | desk | decor

Wire and Beads

butterfliesIf seed pod birds aren’t your thing, bright glass beads in the colors of summer are also great for bringing a sense of sunshine indoors. Nothing beats a beach vacation photo to brighten up the mood of a space. Summertime memories captured in a frame help to set the mind at ease.

A beaded butterfly will sit happily on a cubicle wall. Perhaps a pair of butterflies will do the trick to transform your office space into a boldly global oasis. And since they’re made from wire, you can bend them into any shape you’d like. Great for classroom décor as well!

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